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Was always want to go to jokes of Matt God, I can't believe they didn't realize how good that it. Commence? It never gets brought up commence. It could have been like one of the key guys in godfather to his whole career would have been. I mean this happens again in three when when Duval returned for three unforgivable -gree. Well, he just wanted money for three he wanted five looking Tom Hagan, and he's still alive, and they just kill them off quietly. They should have paid him five million. I should've it's one of the biggest reasons why three doesn't work like you need the counterweight. He is the counterweight to Michael he's so important to Michael in two and he'd bring in George Hamilton instead so much worse. So I guess we could save this for godfather to commence a is whether the move is better with Clemenza she like Franken five fingers, but they're just two two five eight five inch. It's too. It's too. The second part credit that you come off of one, and you still come up with Hyman Roth and Frank potentially to introduce into this universe that that you have so many indelible iconic characters and you're able to come up with two more. It's amazing. Those two are great. I can't wait for to the Joey pants word. I mean, the this movie came up forty six years ago. There's a bunch of that guys that news thirty five or under would remember? I'm just going to mention one Alex Rocco plays mugger Rocco. And and and who plays Tesco again, go to go to became a right now. Alex rocco? Like, I don't feel like anybody knows his name. He was for me. He was always he was in the godfather. And then he was Joe polling the checks dad and facts of life, which was a relatively iconic late seventies early eighties, sitcom and more importantly was in every crime drama ever for ten years, which I made a list of for you. Okay. We've starting feed seventy four. These are all the one episode things. Alex, Rocco is in the rookies. Kojak can't cannon the blue night police story, the Rockford files. Barnaby Jones Baretta starts getting hutch Vecchio chips. Matt Houston, Hardcastle McCormick. Simon and Simon TJ Hooker and hunter hard core. Fourteen year run for Alex Rocco. What's Delvecchio was a show? It was a like a detective. That's great. Yeah. He's also one of the fief sent thieves in friends of Eddie Coyle. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So he's definitely that guy. Half half s internet research Sofia Coppola played Michael the baby in the christening. Did not know that. She later went onto ruin in more godfather movies than Richard Castellano. While Sinn natural was so mad about the apparent similarities to Janney Fontaine, he berated. Mario Puzo donate and Bill. Simmons was so bad about this. Reaction berated him at a near cuts at a Los Angeles hot. But about the cake. I bet it was more like the way wolves parades guys. That was no friction natural that we tastes that. To my kraut, Mick friend kit be made to look ridiculous. Pacino really did have his jaw wired shut for the first part of that shoot. Fucking. Of course, second great actor. There was a great deal of mooning on the set. Started by JJ. Yeah. In an effort to break tension. And then James Caan said at one point my best moon was on second avenue. Bob duval. And I were in one car and Brando is in another. We drove up beside him. I pulled down my pants stuck mass at the window Brando fell down in the car with laughter. The seventies. Really something. What a bunch of jerk offs just laughing at each other's asses while making the most important movie of all time, so Brando was crowned Brent best prankster designated by a.

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