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Support for here and now and the following message come from sun basket sun basket makes it easy to cook nutritionist approved meals in your own kitchen with organic non gmo ingredients from farms and fishermen sent directly to your door choose from paleo glutenfree vegetarian breakfast and family options you'll get pre measured ingredients and easy to follow directions and yet dinner on the table and thirty minutes it's healthy cooking designed to fit your busy lifestyle and it's delicious here and now listeners get their first three meals free at sundance get dot com slash now the economy grew at an annual rate of two point six percent from april to june of this year that's according to the commerce department today and it's more than double the rate of growth from the start of the year by corregan is senior editor at bloomberg news he joins us from new york hi mike thaigerman so this number is about what economists expected it's the fastest growth since the third quarter of last year at what's fuelling it we'll consumer spending is far and away the most important part of the us economy and that notched up pretty strongly in this quarter to about two point eight percent from one point nine percent at the beginning of the year and that is sort of accompanied by the stock market and home prices that continue to march higher and unemployment continues to reach new lows but another big number in this report was business investment in equipment which rose at a more than 8 percent pace so that sort of a sign that companies are optimistic about the future and that this growth will continue on sort of a similar pace i'm surprise you didn't say anything about the weather because if the number and bad as we would have said out because it was really rainy an abso absolutely well it it in that's been a trend with the first quarter numbers uh throughout the this recent business cycle is that the first quarter numbers have been surprisingly weak.

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