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Assumes that what they're saying in film the pump nights is pule ethnography whereas one of the things i found out when talking to people who worked on the film like stepping on thrown ikano eleven opera hamilton is a cultural anthropologist and he has a small role in film is that part of john of not only was not religious but he was interested in the sitter religion and he was prone to kind of surrealistic improvise actions you know kind of bike rituals because which you know explains why many people have competitive films to those of kenneth anga nothing that's very good comparison power john of himself was kind of creating on throw surrealistic rituals and unser biology in the strange thing is that if you go to hutzel chestnut which is the area of western ukraine on the copy thins and the polish boda end shutters forgot nonsense is there is kind of reading with rich presented involving kind of yolk in which the you know the bride and groom kind of bound power jonah invented this but because that film is kind of seen as some sort of africa graphic document that ritual kind of been absorbed as part of history that's what's interesting the way that all others can post countries looking for a sense of identity through history fidelity to ethanol jay is not necessarily an issue so you have things par jonathan vented being taken as gospel by szekely it is complicated this relationship between national identity of these kind of countries like mania georgia ukraine and soviet authority so full of these films the time if you look for example in georgia tangas abalones e is making films about jojohn reich tas site in ukraine the is based on a a ukrainian right to the shutters of nonsenses a whisper literary on versus.

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