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Finally. A. Should be very interesting weekend nfl week to started last night. Thursday night. Colfax. I gotta go to the. I gotta go to the scoreboard over here to you my friend. I made a mistake now did I say that the browns would win or did I say that they would would cover? And I think that I thought. I I didn't think the browns were favourite. So Dixon was giving me crap yesterday and I was reading the spread incorrectly yes. So clerical error. Do I get the win because of a clerical error is. Yeah I absolutely so Go back and check this check the stats now I picked the browns guy thought they were underdogs and I re- I apparently read it wrong. I don't know I come from coming in off the change in the tire. So I read it wrong I was a minus look like a plus to me for some reason. So I was like the browns are actually favored in this game. And I mean that seemed weird right a note was at Cleveland but Cleveland got knocked around by Baltimore Baltimore is good any team to win by that much you worry so I thought I, was going out on a limb there. And so I took Cleveland a win and they win by five. COURSE CLEVELAND. Does. A, very Cleveland type thing. I mean people go to bed thing in this things over and they got the spread if they took Cleveland. Cincinnati drives down. Like a minute left found a way to get in there I did not I think is a good game. I. Didn't think it was a good game. So I get the to get the the victory here to an on season. Kilifi Brady, tell me why last night's game stunk because it's bad teams playing each other. I mean. I. Don't know how to say it. I tweeted you on on Twitter I. You saw my tweet. I can go watch two turtles, race Colfax and it's. They might be neck and neck. But. It's still two turtles racing. Cincinnati's got the worst offensive line. I've ever seen and couldn't tackle. Anybody late I mean Nick Saban Kareem Hunt were walking through the through the line just. Run along picking daisies nobody's tackling them. That's not great football. Cincinnati needs to be locked in on the run and the browns just run all over them especially late in that one. Didn't do for me. It was close. Okay Neat. It was close. Cleveland's bad since he's bad. You got two teams are not going to be in the playoffs just because it's a close game doesn't mean it's a good game. That's that's not how it works. Dixon says so I wasn't hearing to Dude Dixon and I even though he's the ARC's nemesis of the show. We at least know what we're arguing about I completely screwed him up. Listen I. Know You guys think that I'm perfect? I know I've done this show for eight years and you think everything that comes out of my mouth is is just one hundred percent accurate and you'd be right for the most part. But I did screw up yesterday. I don't know why not sure how it happened but I looked at a plus I looked at a and I saw a plus. Pillow fight Dan know your borough throws for three or sixteen. He threw the ball sixty times pillow fight Dan. If you don't throw three, hundred, sixteen yards, then get out of my get off my football club team get Outta here go grab some bench get on some pine. If, you don't throw right three hundred times or three hundred yards sixty times, colfax. That is that is throwing the ball. He threw the ball sixty one times. That's not. Listen Joe Boroughs, going to be good. This isn't really about that. He but it's just don't tell me that you want to see a football game where a quarterback throw sixty one times. That I hate that kind of game get Outta here with that. That's just ridiculous. No thirty, seven for sixty, one, three, hundred, sixteen, yard three. I think Troy Aikman said it and I've been cooking on and he's like you better throw for that much that many yards dude. Baker. Mayfield through twenty three times. And threw for two, hundred, eighteen. So. The. Nick Saban Hunt best running back tandem in the NFL. Be better than assuming Lindsay's healthy. They'll be better than Philip. Lindsey Melvin Gordon you think so. You're going against me on this coach, you're supposed to have my back. Cleveland in the playoffs no. I. Don't think so okay, they're taking. How many the taken again I I keep forgetting that seven we're taking seven. Brexit with six before now, we're taking seven just double check my math. All right pillow fight Dan. Baltimore's getting in Kansas City's getting in. I still think the BRONCOS are getting in. Texans are getting in. There's our four. The. Okay I mean, maybe the kid in because nobody else is GONNA be. New England's probably getting in right. Cam Newton and company. Is Another AFC, West team getting.

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