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Set up a firebomb to destroy the evidence. SPITING daredevil. Can't stop it from detonating a firestorm starts taking down the building with our heroes inside. Doc these goons look pretty familiar. Yup Back to the Beatles It will be really cool if there were like stickers or shirts of them squatters. Oh I see what you're saying. I thought you meant nation have cool t shirts for team building teething so these are clearly early. Daddy fisk these are clearly daddy fisk goons as opposed to Dickie Fisk pay for play hardboard outfit it goods like yeah they needed the official goons for this specific job. They needed it done right. And that's who they hired. Yeah they're pretty pink firebomb. I don't know why it's got that colored do it but Sherwin Autumn matches their outfits. That's that's the only color scheme they can see so spiderman goes and grabs one of the game. And he's just like this you think that one of the goons with the would even know like just like a lowly goon US knowing yeah. That's that's his name but I mean like we saw with Dickie. He was just throwing the my father around all like Willy Nilly so yes true punt semi intended but do your point. These guys are pros because has inspired. He gets over there he gets the drop on these goons and he and he webs them up right next to this firebomb and if that was me I would lose my shit immediately. There would be still on my behalf. I start this. I just started the detonation sequence on this bomb. I can't move fuck tuck this and I would piss them and just are worming my way out of there. The professional since offset no. They're keeping their cool. It is weird that they like a big willing would bring a fire on like as opposed to like some sort of detonation. You know what I mean. Yeah I guess because you need a lot of charges in order to bring down a building like a properly whereas a big fire is. I don't really know that much about firebombs. If that's even a thing aren't all bombs firebombs. I think it's like supposed to be like napalm. But if all the evidence is digital couldn't they have just you know had a big magnet earn. EMP just to like fry out ignorant slob just interests that the diagnostic being. Let me hit you guys with some knowledge. First of all Oh firebombs firebombs. So I if I'm also looking at the wikipedia trigger so destroying data actually isn't as easy as you think it is. I know you can wipe the drives but there are ways to recover it. There are ways of scrubbing the data. That being said what they also do is they sometimes just fucking drill a hole through the hard drive so it's unreadable. I've seen that yet just vera. Saw Me do that in the backyard. Yeah physically destroying the storage device is a totally totally legitimate. Way of doing it using a firebomb to destroy a fucking building to do that is probably inefficient. Well I think maybe then the thing is if they just blew it up you know the stuff. On the periphery. It might fall down but you could maybe recover it. You know what I mean like you could sift through the scraps and it might not be completely destroyed whereas a fire the the heat of it will destroy everything you can still recover drives from fires like sn. Yeah realistically the reason they're doing. It is so that they can have spiderman and daredevil near the bomb and it won't instantly killed him like it's a plot that's why they're doing and other news skin cares damage one. He's he's getting the students become the master. It's all worth it because we got that perfectly synchronized running away from an explosion from our two heroes so cute well I guess that means. It's time for us to adjourn. Because that is it for this episode. Which means it's time to file some arbitrary spider ratings where we ranked the episode using whatever idiotic metric we can come up with off the top of our heads and we will start with breath? Peter so I will rate this episode. Four out of five hotdogs with lots of mustard gross errors. There's some good action scenes. The animation was actually Pretty Crisp It was good seeing another hero in there. That's just as Agile Spiderman and I really like the way that they did dare-devils calls the way he perceives things. I that his like Red Vision or whatever the heck it was your overall good cliffhanger looking forward to the next one go and bureau. I give this episode nine. Peel away radioactive barrels out of ten. It's jam packed with full of action and a pretty solid. The plot dare-devils intro is really sweet. But I will say that. It's a shame that it's such a big chunk of this episode. There's only he's really only featured in two episodes you mentioning that. This is a pilot. Potential pilot like kickoff makes a lot more sense but it does eat away on the run time that being said who doesn't love a good team up episode and I think the two of them kick a Lotta but nice and Matthew I would give this episode thirteen bags of smoke. Bonds Out of also sixteen which is about seventy five seventy six reset reset. Oh we make the listener. Do the math here as high as Iranian. I think that this episode really sets the next one so far to look at it in isolation leads a lot of questions of in the air but I I I really liked the introduction dared at all I like a few things right about the law especially for children searching and and I think apart from from the finger is certainly a lot of questions in leaves the viewer up into combat for more for the next nice as for me. I'm going to give this episode. Three and three quarter awkwardly tender hand holds out of five daredevil is pretty sick and I really likes likes that they did a Peter Parker centric episode. You need those every so often. I think it was a little extreme with the treason and I mentioned that the animation was up and down at times TMZ but all in all it was really fun adventure and as you guys mentioned. It was a lot of questions things that they set up. I'm pumped to see how they pay them off. So it was quite a cliffhanger. Matt you do you WanNa take a guess as to how things are going to shake out for our hero cannon your say but the Google is all the record that I need personnel. Some big scuba moment on America has been waiting for today's issue with Byu Brock's big school biggest school big news to.

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