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But 19 vaccine at dozens of Wal Mart locations across the state. WalMart has a really significant footprint all across the state of Florida. So beginning on Friday, they'll be 100 and 19 Wal Mart stores across 34 counties that will begin offering Cove It 19 vaccinations for senior citizens. Governor Rhonda's sent us at a WalMart today in Jacksonville, the state reported more than 7000 new covert 19 cases. Another 233 deaths also reported. Bringing the states resident death toll to over 28,000. A Florida judge is ruling against the families of the park Land school shooting victims in a lawsuit. Sarah Bartlett has the details. The lawsuit was filed against the Broward School district with families claiming that school officials did not properly respond to potential threats by accused shooter Nicholas Cruz. However, a judge found that officials could not predict that Cruz would carry out the massacre and added that crews had been expelled from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, So was currently not a student in the district. Sunday marks three years since 17 people were killed in the mass shooting. Sarah Bartlett, NBC News radio, former state Health Department data analyst, dropping her lawsuit against the Department of Law Enforcement over a raid at her Tallahassee home and attorney for Rebecca Jones says the suit is being withdrawn to avoid compromising Jones's defense in her criminal trial. Jones is facing computer crime charges for allegedly hacking into a state communication system. Plans are still in the works for a socially distant boat parade Thursday to honor this Super Bowl champion Buccaneers, where we're still waiting on a specific route along the Hillsborough River and start time the parade expected to be similar to the one held by the Lightning back in September following their Stanley Cup victory. With Florida's news. I'm John Conrad. You're.

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