Lynn, Ted Segal, $400 Million discussed on Fox News Sunday


Get his fingernails. Dirty Pig feels better to be Number one, The number five. We're the number because of Mike, We have a chance to go for three in a row. Good numbers of a good time. When I first are wearing the number, I would just happy and proud. Bloomberg business of Sports the number of the week All right. Gather around governor on gay together around the radio here. It's dive on the number of the week. This is going to be a simple question. I'm like real estate developer Ted Segal is near an agreement to purchase Major League Soccer's Houston Dynamo. For how much I actually know this one because I researched it today. So does that disqualify me now? Go ahead and give it 400 million. Yeah, You have no equal room. Yeah, Exactly. E mean so 400 million. I think that's it. It's interesting to hear that number, in part because you were just talking a minute or two ago about The T wolves what a franchise is going for in the NBA right now. So in soccer $400 million gets you gets you into the into the league there. Still some again some room to run on the soccer side. I mean, not that $400 million is chump change, but that is a sport. We're going to continue to see some investment, but the valuations Have not grown. I think the way that they haven't in other sports, so good job, Lynn. She doing your homework. I like it. I like it. The other one was going to be that. Where was Mr Brady going to go? Because I think the house was gonna be sold. But he's But I decided to throw that out because I knew when she was gonna know that Lynch's had been like on Zillow like looking at another house is being like Tom and I could be neighbors. The way the answer to that is was listed for 29 sold for 22.5. Yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah. The head of the class direct both experiences. Thank you very much. Hey, I didn't have my whole I learned my lesson a long time ago. Do your homework and you could lose.

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