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Via lsu the college world series finals you think they can beat the gators in her their seventh national title regained begins at five thirty overhaul first pitch six o'clock on the home with a saint of lsu wwl in the wwl forecast upper 80s this afternoon not as who twenty percent chance of rain lows tonight in the sixties and seventies warming up tomorrow to around ninety but it's still should be as muggy thirty percent chance of rain tomorrow rain chances forty percent pour wednesday high around ninety degrees it's eighty four partly cloudy and warlanes eighty eight on the north shore a chris miller wwl first news his wt you all traffic from the wwl traffic center right bob frost as you make your way out new orleans east to the high rise bridge i do have an accident itin eastbound round the high rise you got the left lane blocked in you got delays stretching bag near the six dan split and as you make your way in from the east approaching the project train expressway slowing the traffic back around canal cleveland and that opens up after you get through the claiborne flyover lakebound expressway slowing door around campo key liquid vise reads for the causeway problemfree through kenner in memory of the idea dan also looking good on the body carries phil why he had it out to ben rude john the idea and around grammercy mao market what the guy and you do have an accident blocking the left lane and also a vehicle often the woods they're moving well off the causeway new advise reserve restrictions problemfree on my fifty five in the eye twelve traffic brought to you by target.

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