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I like Connor Connor is not the kind of guy who's gonna push against a wall, and like be like super romantic, he's going to be like the guy who takes you acute date, then you hold his hand and it's cute, but he doesn't like give sexual vibes. Well, hey this group day. It was fun. It was exciting. It was enjoyable to watch. There is great things that happen. But Ashley just brought up a great point. He doesn't give you off the sexual vibes vibes that will push up against the wall or push you onto a sauna. And that's exactly what pilot Pete did as we talked about earlier in this podcast pilot Pete went all out. We saw some wild things when pilot p again, kind of like the Colton enhance g seen. I was watching, like, hey, this is an intimate moment, and I'm glad the cameras shut the door and left because people be they need them. Oh my God. I always think about the cameraman so much about how the fact that he was, like probably sweaty and couldn't breathe then had to watch them do that. It was. So it was so intense, and in a sense, I'm gonna use the word beautiful like it felt real. It felt like Hannah was letting her guard down again and it felt like pilot Pete was enjoying the moment as well. And it didn't feel like halo just hook up. And hey, we're dating. We only have a few minutes. It felt like a very intimate scenario. Between two people who were beginning to care about each other, and who needed it. I honestly in this whole, my only like negative from all of this is with you is the poor cameraman. What a terrible job like sweaty sauna. Big old camera on your shoulder and your ten feet from two people going at it. I truly thought that you're right. This was more of a romantic scene than it was watching two people hug up. I wonder what Hanna Hanna has text are tweeted a quite a bit this last week about her grandfather and how big a fanny, she calls out of this show. I wonder what granddaddy felt watching this, because I watched one episode with my grandma and their response as supportive as she is. And she was very supportive and tried to be their response is never the right words, the right thing like it's either. Oh, that's sweet or. Wow. Like you really like him or like her. Like it's always the thing that is, makes you cringe a little bit inside because it's your grandparents, and it feels weird for them to know that side Elliott, totally my grandma would Colin. I am he made the funniest comments after watching me on the show. It's, it's interesting to see the pilot one on one. I think he's in for the long haul. We'll see pilot Pete for a few more weeks. We've talked about it in laying moving on now, jed, jed, he made a special appearance. He didn't have a one on one this week. He didn't get a rose before the rose ceremony. And this man is an expert getting a rose before the rose ceremony. He showed up after Pete's one on one and serenade her from the street as Hannah watched from her balcony and talk about a fairytale, right? She even said like this is what fairytales are romance. Novels are made out of. But the thing is romance. Novels it, usually don't have that component of having a girlfriend back at home. Yes. So I think this is AVI. An obvious question and actually I want to just throw it to you. Is this the scene? I've honestly just made my stomach or it was on. Miserable. It was weird and honestly, I think, and here's my take, and I want to hear yours now might take his even if Jad if we didn't know this about jed still having an ex or dating a girl up until the show and telling her that he all the things he sweet nothings, he said to, to her right on the moment, he left, even if we didn't know that side..

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