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Mercedes Benz of south Charlotte welcome to our to do on this Friday and before we get to our next guest governor just got a note here says Jeff Lawson from Thor lo and face tech masks is sending me a white mask is it sitting you know sending John and Billy one as well so we will have the black will have that those those people at case that are amazing it's a state school factory makes socks due to the shut downs everywhere you know they couldn't sell socks and stores that were closed so they converted it's one the few mask other court commercial form that you can wear that don't go around your ears when you kind of put it around your back you're headed and then when you're not using you put around your neck which is a lot easier and because I think all these masking me taken on and off and have it around your neck is it's very comfortable so I'm not a user Hey can you can you call him up to see if he can get me a couple to I thought you already had some I thought that was the whole deal is you have choices and I did not she and I need some for my wife to yeah I you are exactly right though I mean it getting used to wearing a mask in general has been an adjustment and these feel the most normal on face if that makes sense they don't puff the steam then go put my glasses I I had to wear what yesterday I I haven't told you this but but what we got other news are are gonna talk about my pedicure in a statement we never it never ends well Hey I haven't told you this yet both sides hi we are talking about masks and yes a good segue into our next guest because the executive order from governor Cooper about wearing face coverings goes into effect today at five PM and we have come to learn that there are several sheriffs around the state that I will not be enforcing the mandate counties including Catawba Burke hired L. Bladen Columbus Sampson union Stanley Craven while Pitt to name a few and we have the sheriff of Gaston county on with us again here on the show sheriff Alan Cloninger is back with us good morning sheriff good morning you're already out of date the shares great seeing you know the shares her of many of your colleagues are basically saying we may agree with this action but it's not a law in our job is to enforce laws what's your opinion on this and you have the resources do it even if your life you're you're having a tough tough time protected monuments there in Gastonia well what what what we're doing is according to the executive order you have a Levin exceptions you cannot make someone to prove that they have a condition or one of those Levin is that since you're not allowed to ask it also has a section where you're not supposed to the law enforcement cannot cite anyone that's a worker or interest in the business it's very confusing so we're we're gonna fall that one paragraph say in law enforcement shall not issue a citation it says you can write a ticket to a business if they're not enforcing it but if their bike came in the door says I'm acting wear masks I got a a breezy conditions making mass for proof so it's unenforceable and I think I think people have been told enough about this virus that if they want to protect themselves they will wear a mask if they choose not to that's their choice and businesses can deny people entry if they don't that's that's correct you're wasted on yeah in the business so you don't have a mass don't command if they come in anyway then they violated the trespass law then that person can be arrested that trend not having the man for trespassing after being told to leave you know you know this puts you in a difficult difficult spot all law enforcement not just what about the Gastonia police department you have a separate police department in Belmont and Gastonia in mount Holly yeah I think all of us to be and I haven't talked to since we got the order I got a little order yesterday afternoon and but I was still certain teacher will be taking the same approach the calls list this puts us in a very difficult decision between protecting the people are protecting their constitutional rights and and doing our job properly so I think the most like I told Alex out yesterday I think the most long forces going to say Hey brother the governor said you should have your nasco it's good for your have a good day see you later sheriff ever have you talked to your fellow sure I missed some in the mission some of the other counties there and what they're doing have you had conversations with fellow sheriffs in the state about this no Sir has the governor reached out to the share sure law enforcement before enacting this executive order I do not know that they reach out to me Hey well I've got your wife got yeah I'm coming back through Gastonia sometime this weekend on the way to like Jimmy can you cut a tree might might my speeding like you treat what what is going on here just joke and share a few if we do get the speed in this two months and I have a couple nice rooms over here okay the week you will you provide me a mask if I have to stay in those rooms what yeah in the jail I mean that's the rule in the jail everybody has to wear a mask when they're not in their sale you don't get that that's where a lot of the the viruses are expanding right now in jails and state prisons which were out here in the details up for many but here we have a lot of strict rules so we will have your what have you a blue mask if we won't have your black or white why am I hearing in my head the Monday show live from the gassing county jail it's.

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