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Wild fires steel candidate Fred by Mike Moore California utility whose transmission lines were blamed for massive wildfires has reached a multi billion dollar settlement the eleven billion dollar agreement will take care of eighty five percent of the insurance claims against Pacific gas and electric found responsible for the so called wine country fires in two thousand seventeen and the camp fire in two thousand eighteen that killed eighty six people the other fifteen percent are claims against the utility from people who were not insured or underinsured P. Jeannie offer nearly eight and a half billion dollars to settle those claims but was rejected as not enough P. Jeannie filed for chapter eleven bankruptcy earlier this week Jim Rome Los Angeles democratic presidential candidate battle Rourke's campaign says it is notified the FBI about a threatening tweet directed Adil Rourke after last night's debate corresponded Clayton devil says the tweet came from a Republican Texas state representative when asked on the debate stage if he would support taking assault rifles from Americans if elected to better our work said emphatically hell yes and explained that he believes those weapons are meant for the battlefield and shouldn't be in the hands of the general public he said he would launch a buy back program Republican Texas state representative Briscoe came later took to Twitter saying quote my A. R. is ready for you Robert Francis overwork responded by calling the tweet a death threat any money won a Grammy for his song take me home tonight which she did with singer Ronnie Spector. other hits included two tickets to paradise and baby hold on money to disclose that he was sick recently always access TV show our daughter was just wanted to get a checkup and he told me that kids monies family confirms the rocker died in Los Angeles this morning at the age of seventy on Wall Street the Dow up forty two points S. and P. up a fraction I'm.

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