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Revenge store. Just yet. I need a little bit more time maybe get to the divisional round. Then we could do that is in this going overboard on the other side of things just like the fans who tweet or threat or call. You know, what I mean, all that stuff isn't making Cody parkey on Friday tomorrow on the today show into a sympathetic figure going to hard the other way. Yeah. And the whole, you know, the kick was blocked I saw I saw the replays. I watched him over and over. You can tell me the kick was blocked. You can tell me the tickets, but it was not online, and it was low. And there was not a lot of the the defensive line didn't boss through. It wasn't like an offensive line. Mr. Simon guy that tipped it. This sixty six to I mean, it's not like you hadn't Ed too tall Jones out there. And you're right. Big cat. It was on forty three yard field goal with very little penetration. Just normal penetration. I'd just like to say that. That's the job of the kicker to get the appropriate height on the kick that you shouldn't even be a discussion and we saw all season. So it's not like I would understand if it was the guy who hasn't missed all season. And you say comes in there. Well, obviously that must've done something because that's very out of character for his kicks. No, Cody Parthiv lived by kicking, you know, the the poster in Dorking everything. And now we gotta live with the double going. Is it it's coup. Silence. Got the promotions we want we were hoping you were going to be in town this weekend to participate in goose island event that they have where if you can kick a forty three yard field goal outside one of their locations. You will get beer for a year for free. I love that. I love that. I think they need to do though like they need to do ten times. And you gotta kick nine out of ten because we need to actually maybe have a kicker retrial. That's the thing. Like taking is joke. I'm not thinking, Joe, let's try to find what's that movie invincible or whatever the one where you Dan does a trash guy or or Mark Wahlberg we need that we the guy who comes to be. He's a kicker next year. He's just a regular Chicago guy. Does this? Oh, that's cool. Was the story of Vince Papa and that was Mark Wahlberg? Yeah. So so Tony danza trash guy. Whatever movie that was remember that. The garbage picking field goal kicking Philadelphia. It's a Disney from referenced it like a month ago had the same conversation. Yeah. We need that we need. Maybe have Tony the kicker. I don't care as long dot Cody ARCHE. I mean, wouldn't that be great like you find out in the back of like a Mariana stockroom that there's like a kid back. There has been kicking like groceries fit. Yeah. Yards putting it on shells shelves perfectly. And that's how we find our next kicker. Hey, Kurt Warner was shelves when he was before he became a Super Bowl MVP, right? Good point. I until answer on the Twitter poll that I put out there. So lots of votes on this one who is in twenty eighteen the worst, Chicago sports free agent signing and the four names, I gave work were Tyler chat. Would you Darvish Jabari Parker or Cody parkey? Okay. So I actually I don't know who's winning the poll right now. But I would probably have to say you because you it's the money if the way it happens. It's that whole weird story Cody parkey, I feel like we Cody parkey to me is that was the bears front office. And they've done a fantastic job. And I'm not gonna say, you know, like anyone who goes crazy and says, oh, we need a new runoff. No. That's crazy. Ryan tastes done. A fantastic job building a contender. But the fact that they didn't have someone come in. And try out in the last few weeks of the season. I don't care about money. I don't care about. Of that stuff. You knew you had a problem. You could have gotten out of it for the playoffs that to me is where I can't even blame. Cody parkey set him up to the fail. Darvish is is an easy one Jafari partner. Like, we all knew he in his introductory press conference was playing defense. So who who surprised by that thirty one percent for Cody parkey, then you're you're entry twenty-seven percent, darva wound is still fresh Jabari Parker twenty four percent in Tyler chat would eighteen percent. Yeah. Parker was never going to have a huge impact on a season that we all hoped ends up within with the one of the three worst records in the league. Right. Parts of was filled the salary cap can take a fly around the guy who best case scenario. He's a starter. And worst, Mary you're seeing exactly what's happening. Yeah. I saw president. They made a boatload of money betting on Clemson on the money line. Did you partake in that that plays? Well, I did also have Clemson. I didn't have them on the money line was easiest play. I've ever made. I mean, if I don't know. No show off on on Tuesday morning because you can't get beat worse than that. If your big bad, Alabama. They gave up an Nick soap saving outcoached outclass. I mean that was sad. Station holiday for many of us. Yeah. I was here. I had just as much as fun watching Alabama in that game. You did watching Wisconsin in their championship game. Oh, wait, Wisconsin wonderful game. I'm sorry. I'm sorry was wonderful game the big pinstripe fall. Yeah. Stripe Paul gold canceled because the lightning so I don't wanna get in this conversation. Yeah. I I had that game. I was watching wins the money they were up seven zip when they canceled it, right? You should have one. Yeah. They were up when the game was canceled. You should get money. That's not how it works. I'm elliot. The funny part of all this is besides the bears game you a good weekend. Because you know, you had the bet that came through on Monday and then on Saturday like that the taxes were never really in that game. Yeah. I saved my key. And the one thing I learned from the pinky bet. And people don't know I said, I would cut off my pinky if the Houston Texans won the Super Bowl the problem with that bet is I survived it this year. But I also found out that addicted to betting body parts. So it's one of those things that I I don't think the the key bet is going to end until I lose my pinky. If one of those things it's like old mafia-like either end up in jail or dead. Like, there's the I'm just going to end up without a pinkie at some point in the next ten years because I keep betting it every year. Do you know like have you thought about who your pinky team could be I they were gonna have to wait till like week five and ticketing that's around five hundred and write them off. And then just ri- ri-. I might take the taxes every year to be honest because it's never gonna win the Super Bowl team is just I don't know. What is I would never trust that team in the big? I'm not a doctor. But I have a suggestion Becher Vaz's deference that is no that is part of the male reproductive. System. And the reason I bring this up is not the freak you out. The Carman's haven't of the sector at this moment. Oh. Uh-huh. You have to get a sect to me if that team that the Texans win the Super Bowl next year. Well, the father I'd like someday be a father. So I probably can't bet that just yet reverse is he is widely wait till March madness. Why like the the most classic male stereotype in and do it the first two days in March madness who can sit with a bag of frozen peas on it. I good question. Maybe they're having a sale. I don't know. I'm not sure why. You don't season's over? Now. The bears loss you got hit in the marbles. Now, we're going to open you up and steal one of the first midwest Bank studio, the first games go off when Carmen's in the studio. Oh my God. So we we went through the poll question towel. Waddle about the game. The EU and many many others in college basketball. 'cause I don't think we're in the college basketball yet the Creighton Marquette game for those you didn't see the highlights explain to wild about this. Okay. All right. So let me just preface it by saying college basketball is the sport that will test, your soul, your mind, body and soul every single night. When you get to January and February at your betting college basketball on a Tuesday night on a Wednesday night when you're betting on eighteen year old to make smart decisions. You are testing your mind, body and soul and people who do it people. It's one of those people don't know they know what feels like they know being through the ringer. So last night Creighton was up. I had Creighton minus three also minus two and a half. They were up three with point eight seconds left. And also there under their own who. All they had to do was sold. It only do. Up three point. Shorted and have someone touching into the game is over right? He throws the pass to go to one of his guys at at mid court. And the guy forgot the rules didn't touch the ball. It goes out of bounds on the other side. So no one touches at the clock doesn't start Marquette ball under the baseline Marquette throws it in to a guy who I still don't understand though. Like how it makes sense that he was able to catch in point eight seconds and shoot a three hip it? Wins in overtime. I've never seen anything like. And that's what college basketball is you can watch every single night, and you will see something different. So we've never seen a lawsuit never add every single night. So like van pelt always says, even if you think you had the worst beat there's always a bigger one. Where does this one rank on the mount Rushmore, it's up there? It is definitely up there because it was just unbelievable to watch. But again, it's up there and at the same time, it's not because it's college basketball, and you have to take a step back and say hold on. I'm I'm I'm wagering on a bunch of eighteen nineteen year old kids that really don't know what they're doing under pressure. And so you almost one of those things right deserve. I deserve everything. I get what I do. I think that's why you're co has limited his gambling to horses to animals because he doesn't trust humans. That's his his motto. I can't spare a square. Everyone's gotten rich off betting horses. Of course mart. The horses are is very fast way to lose. Everything. Are you making a prediction on Machado and Harper I come to the club? Oh my gosh. A little race sunshine. Right. Then I read something, and I might have made this stuff. But I read something about Ian happened. Jason. Hey, we're being traded to the giants for them taking on Jason. They were contract than Bryce Harper comes in place for the cubs. Yeah. That was like a couple of weeks ago that thing was floating around what happened to that? The giants do that for what are they getting their hearing over Jason Heyward ever heard of him? Yes. She gave the best pump up teaching history. Maybe when you're looking for your what seventy eight or seventy ninth win of the season at the end of the year. Jason could get you all jazzed up if you're a giants fan. Yes. You got a guy on first and second you'll just ground out to second base. Like clockwork breaks. Are you can depend on Jason would spray chart, by the way, I can pay grounders by the way on that topic? Are you taking the over cubs? I believe the number and Vegas eighty nine. Yes. Taking the over. Yeah. That's easy. They could roll out their helmets and get eighty nine. The brewers are like eighty three and a half. I'm not worried about the brewers. I know they've added some time just saying you wanna make money or do you not want to make money? I'm not worried about the Burs. I'll say it again. I said it last year. Yeah. I probably had to eat a little crow because I ended up having to be worried about I, but I'm not worried about but you wouldn't put money on the brewers the over eighty three and a half. That's what it is eighty three and a half. Mandarin app. No, I would not rooting for him. Great, man. I do you have a lock of the weekend before we let you go. Yeah. I actually do. I love I love love love the Cowboys. I don't understand seven points. They have good defense in that crowd is going to be like sixty percent Catholic. Then don't you think it's going to be a big home home field advantage for the visiting team? Right. Exactly. So I don't I try not to like overstate what I saw wild card weekend divisional round. But that feels like a game like the Cowboys don't feel like a team that can get blown out. And the Rams have been suspect down the stretch. And I I all the Cowboys plus seven I think that one's easy easy, easy, easy. More gambling tips. Todd firms coming up here in about five minutes. They got great stuff. We'll talk to you next week. Thanks. Thanks, guys. Appreciate it. Dan cats. He's from Chicago. He's barstool big.

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