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I feel like I feel. I feel like I'm looking into the twilight. Just this one thing. I find out last night from Boston's awesome awesome. All right Mr Ride. You can't find me. I don't know clandestine secret bunker. Of and all of a sudden now he's like gets his Donald Trump twitter tweets. Every morning joined the. Dr Frank Man do it up so he starts it. And what's the first thing he does he gets band was into it for about three weeks. Twit Ju just be me. Explain it to me. I didn't know I got banned already crap. They suspended it only joined in October. That's Kenneth W. Voice Number. One is the account and you can't beat Kenneth Royce Kenneth W Royce One. All one word. Yeah Kenneth W Royce one R O Y C one initial one. The number the number one number one. So Kenneth W Royce. Do you go on your Boston or what it says. Kenneth Royce Boston Tea Party with a flag in between the names. See I know that your your later years decades earlier I find out you know you have a name Kenneth Royce and I'm going I know that's your real name. Is it CA? Save ten cans. We don't care all Boston crap You Know Independence Tweet. I have is about modules three still being blocked on Amazon if five star reviews on Amazon and it's been currently unavailable for months. Now you're modules manhood thing. The third one. The third one would buy that they know you got a copy with you. I don't but I'll make an all right. Yeah they're up there modules mandate there. So it's still in the three. What the hell is that thing giant frequents right. Does that include the others or is it just know reach? The third of that was diarrhea. The pen no. It's called logo but John or so. I gotTa have a copy. Well not to think what I tell you this story. This is good Boston's at Liber topiary. And he's given a presentation to bunch. These millennials of S J W whatever the hell and he and I were at lunch or something I'm going I don't know how this is going to go man. This is going to be entertained right before my talk. Yeah Yeah Yeah I've gone I'll be there. I WANNA see this. He went up and he goes. God you know women need some real man. What the Hell did you? Kinda just slap some around. So you got a couple of S. J. W. whatever the Hell pennant was e. Boston just beat the crap out of them at the end of it stand in Boston right. I'm going okay. You Win Man. They've heard the message a how to be a man most of them. It was a little sum it up real quick for the audience. What you're kind of skip to the thing is in my view and Historic League. Men have been walking solutions. Men know how to cope with life. Men protect provide a procreate. That's a Man. And if you're not doing that or can't do that if you have to rely on other men for your survival to get through in life get by life. You're not a man yet. You're a male but that's it okay. There was a meeting that I saw recently. I had a big impact on me and it said men defend and protect women. Not because they're weak but because they're important right exactly and I'm just lie whoo that's what they do not they who's they. Ernie handle no man but they don't WanNa leave me alone. I can tell you that. Hey you know. I don't mean to interrupt with this movie dark waters you should see it. I'm surprised to got made the very end of the movie. He said it took an uneducated farmer to tell me what what that it's our power we have to take it into our own hands to protect ourselves because the system isn't going to do it and people believe the system are GonNa do. It are subject to a lie that was in a mainstream wealth and my mainstream movie and really surprised crate movie. Make sure you watch dark waters. Power watching it. I saw Harkins. It was only at the Artsy Theater. But it was very earthy really. Well done very entertaining and very individualistic. Take it in your own hands guy. Well why why do they even have come? I haven't heard about visually produced by the star Mark Ruffalo. The Guy Plays Hulk he produced executive produced. It and I think he also directed looks like he's in it.

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