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Click for us as we have like an incredibly sure and male bonding experience and i think our kelly put it really well that these are are comic books were abraham dig into these things in a way that most human beings aren't able to riot now that's a beautiful thing yeah we go to the show and then we go grab a beer in the crap services whenever you call it a concert and we'd like to see the singer the band about came in great set a kicks kick was mad as one of the call it was one of the coolest things i've ever had and it wouldn't have been is fun if i hadn't had a friend there who also preeminent how bad it was now it's pretty it's pretty amazing when you you know my friend james sharp pink stone who lives in atlanta which bend you know some holiday not not not christmas but i'll spend your thanksgiving with him and his wife sometimes in and but you know he's been my for instance high school and i think the thing that keeps our friendship alive is and notches revisiting the past is because we only get to hang out twice a year so i think it's mutual interest that keep growing um you know and i and if he lived here and we hung out together every day it would grow in a different way the way you know i think our friendship grows you know but like us having these insane mutual interest between horror movies and bans that we both lavin were uncertain wrappers and being collectors in media files and thing you know he's a guy that i could say hey media has concerts happening and you know we saw fool manchu one time and who is visiting at the what's the west hollywood venue the cool rock venue onda no tribute are troubadors venue now.

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