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Were colluding with the Russians fallout tonight in the Russia investigation Russia Russia Russian Russians rust and Russian president Russia Russia Russia Russia Russian Russian Russia Russian of Russia Russia Russia Russian Russians and Russian Russia Russian Russians Russian Russian the Russian Russia Russia Russia Russian Russians the Russian in Russia Russia Russian Russian Russian rush rush Russian Russian Russian Russian then impeach him page image omitted beige Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine became crane that Michael of an ID thank you so much Sir for being with us now is love partners thank you so much for being with us okay got paid to corner the Southern District of New York a million Bucks from Russia I don't care about Russian now now it's just about what can we do to bludgeon trump I ate it up the president was clear yes I don't know this guy was a picture with you yeah I take pictures every time I go somewhere and taking pictures I don't do that I guess maybe these guys have never had a photo line because nobody really gives a rip about who they are because they're no wires it is it is such despicable this I mean that this is what I mean journalism's bad they think they're journalists I mean you you know a man who you are I am a talk show host I admit I am on radio and television and as talk show host sometimes I just straight news what does report the news tell you what's going on sometimes we do investigative reporting Obama we've added a nobody else would we went into depth in detail the deep state Faiza abuse Hillary Clinton obstruction are illegal espionage act are premeditated fraud buys a court spying on a presidential campaign the transition team and a president happened bill Barr even said it spying that's what surveillance is spying then of course outsourcing of spying too friendly countries you don't have to wait for the vindication on that but it's coming right on all of it they where were they missing in action peddling conspiracy theories and their hopes and their lives so you know the Ukrainian government is even warning of everybody that this is Michael I have a ninety two point now facing serious felony charges campaign finance trying a hundred million Bucks from Russia meaning is charged with getting paid by the country of Russia the mob and the media's just ignoring that does like they are ignoring Joe with zero experience hunter well how can you ignore that if you care about quids imposing walls the mob all you know claiming the president was a Russian spy in the matter even claiming dissident Russian agent operative at one point they're not and they get people to buy into it so it's the same pattern and above Schiff warning we got to get more there's also but basically the cabin on strategy just keep playing out one after another after another after another after another and will buy into it well hype it up but we hope it sticks this time we were right about the mall or which ones the people running the witch hunt we got it right on Fizer premeditated brought on a buys a court unlawful surveillance trump campaign transition presidency our own government at the height of an election right about call me less black of candor McCabe same thing right about how they treated our general Flynn the mob the media obsessing about the conspiracy theories and jacking up their their audiences with fake news that's why you wanna know why they'll forever be branded fake news because they are fake news that's not real and by the way if we do a one story federal prosecutors now reports out investigating high level leaks of classified material from the FBI and reports say that the super patriot himself Jim call me is a likely target in that criminal probe we'll see daisy been right about him the whole time yeah yeah the laundry list of people that now or or experts call me Brandon McCabe clapper all these people that are there now they're getting paid gigs on the same networks that got a wrong it's unbelievable great gig I guess if you can get it wine propagandize thing I guess pays for people but it's pretty well so what's that but if you these are Connors now you know they're they're just liars adjust advancing a political agenda there is nothing significant about Limpar ness nothing but you know what have they ever done the Democrats except trying her trump done anything to create jobs prosperity peace security in this country president signing big trade deal with China two hundred twenty billion China's going to spend here on our crops our service industry our energy industry our manufacturing industry our auto industry that's never been done before we go from thirty million more Americans on food stamps a million more poverty well we have eight million fewer people on on food stamps and nearly eight million new jobs created and there's no trade deal while all those promises kept Japan China Mexico there it looks like they're going to pay for the wall even because trade deal we're getting more money from them it's a better deal Canada I then our western European outward where energy independent biggest tax cut ever who's benefiting the most the bottom fifty percent of wage earners not the top one percent that's the trouble gonna me that's not the Obama Biden failed economy we bribe a mall as Iran we're not doing that anymore either well we got criticized for being willing to talk to unsavory actors on the world stage all right we got off hostages back we got the remains back of soldiers from the fifties and the guy stopped firing missiles all over Japan every five seconds okay who's worth the president's time in bribe anybody all he said he'll talk to Putin good he should talk to Putin is always is not bribe and I'm I don't care what they talk about maybe we can have a better relationship with them who cares it's just to me it's insanity that is now gripping the country that's why let's get it on but let the day got their game on they got there we're all excited on they got that all dressed up to go to the party and they're building up false hope again and they're going to smear slander lying cheating do everything they can do like they always do and I go with anybody to hate struck the mine or how much they lack credibility all of us have boxes in in these boxes somewhere in our homes we have videos that we take in years ago when the kids were young yeah I have pictures of.

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