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Or the health food store wherever are going to look for a container of protein powder now have to say nicely protein powder is now you'll places like target and they have an entire i'll dedicated to them so my question to you is as someone is standing mayor in there looking in their thinking okay yeah you know what when i get back from the gym by like to add in approaching shake that will help me start getting my protein needs the on what are they choose recruit brieger would go all globeop the look you serb protein powder now everywhere from par to to walmart come everything in between uh who loved through different options when we think about protein powder and o'connell just go through our giving the more popular ones generally kinda one by one so the first the first cub general categories the called way protein way protein comes from dairy arms away comes from milk and factually byproduct of cheese production so long time ago and we made shoes they used to throw away that extra liquid and actually use it as a fertilizer for fields in crops and they're realized there might be some potential help benefits to human so they started selling got two companies um so that's that's that's way protein now way protein is particularly high abrupt that amino acid peace earlier way protein is particularly high in and amino acid called machine now there's twenty different amino acids they're all have benefits but loose seen in particular uh may seem to play a big role in ultimately building muscle that term called protein synthesis and way protein is higher in we've seen than most other proteins so that's one of the benefits um great protein is also absorbed pretty quickly by the body so when we think about what might be a good protein after a workout to get that protein absorb quickly way could fall into that mix and certainly is a great option um again it does come from dairy so if someone has a dairy allergy or is trying to avoid dairy for whatever reason that obviously is not a great suggestion.

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