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Well as nikki and heather and missing chung jared it'll jerry hey i bacilli there was a um town hall last night in the first i heard about it was a nikki telling me during the show that there it was not a good move even though rubio went there he's pat managed to pissed off both the left and the right uh yeah i would i do you think i commend him for young deal if you're probably got rid of thunder in the last year and a half the trump and elected we see these people wanting to go to their own town halls the fact that rubio came out there you know i mean look i wouldn't vote for the guy but i don't think he's a bad guy you know and and i think that uh this is this whether it was his hope it's amazing so i i i did this week saw inside shipu which is a thing i put on inside the beltway dot com and i talked a little bit about it listen up there's nothing funny about gun violence there is no garden fired but that doesn't mean it's not without irony it's not the weapons it had of weapons had nothing to do with it the nra likes to say guns don't kill people that people kill people but that's like saying a penis won't get your pregnant sex dust so sorry now the nra what have you think the second amendment was written to protect the guns like the ar fifteen there is no guns this is james madison when he wrote the second amendment this is what a gun look like this is an ar fifteen the great for honey if you're like that is hunter of all time do you believe it should be harder to obtain a semiautomatic weapon bought ignoring these kids the shooter at our school obtained weapons that he used on us trump's response is to arm teachers seriously you ever met a high school teacher has had to deal with teenagers five days.

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