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The sinatra family website chose the frank sinatra song she's funny that way as a dedication to nancy sinatra with the words godspeed mama and thank you for everything you did for us and for the world nancy and frank were teenage sweethearts who married in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine she worked as a secretary to help support them before he became famous they divorced after he left her for actress ava gardner but remained close until his death two decades ago nancy and frank had three children frank junior tina and the singer nancy police say they rescued a fifty six year old man who's kayak overturned in lake ronkonkoma on long island the seven advance seven o'clock this morning three officers on a town of islip lifeguard islip rather lifeguard swam out to the kayaker fifty six year old eric jerome was about three hundred yards offshore and unable to free has split from the kayak jerome was brought back to shore and evaluated by the ronkonkoma fire department he declined further medical attention wins news time ten fifty six now bloomberg money watch montana ten wins in europe in height of beer drinking season the unthinkable happened a shortage of the carbon dioxide that gives beer its foam and soda it's phys hot weather in europe combined with world cup soccer have pushed beer demand higher and brewers are fretting about beer shortages fuel supply rob a bank analysts francois sonal veal says others are more dependent on outside suppliers the c o two used by many brewers is a byproduct of ammonia production but maintenance and other issues took too many plants off line for the beer and the sweet votes to question where the usc ese can be the byproduct or whether they need to look at reducing co two themselves co two shortage is not just a worry for brewers in soft drink makers the gas is also used in the packaged food and meat industry's even to stunned pigs before slaughter bloomberg money watch at twenty six and fifty six past every hour i'm gina cervetti for ten ten wins.

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