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We've read your comments on social media goals I think our critics describe or show perfectly that sounds are an incoherent mess you got the message of two in color and then giggling yes that's fair that's what we were going for if you're wondering why we didn't respond your message because you were right that was way too our friend Emily is at the funny bone tonight we should performing he is but I would have taken the night off to go she seen David Koechner over there tonight okay he's right he's great from anchorman listen when SNL yeah yeah he wasn't during the Buck Henry era but he was honest and he was in the comebacks yes I was in India anchorman comebacks he's not a ton of stuff is in huge demand on who Lucy I know all the other characters yeah this is your day I've seen it stand up to the front room before it's a very good show okay gotcha let's go around clumsily to come the bluejackets gonna be home tomorrow night our well what's what's left to the blue jackets they're off they're all hurt hosting Ottawa Ross Matthews will be in town Wednesday night if you know Ross Mathews is he's got to get away he's one of the famous would be in jail and I was in turn and then actually turned into a real career and has a good personality is only on celebrity Big Brother is email us yeah you made the money ball ours you know he's gonna be the Lincoln theatre I think he just to be watered around I think the name of the tour is the name drop torso is just him telling a whole bunch of stories but he's got to do a whole bunch of interesting things it's really a the dark hair a little bit Charlie now is a lot to me okay I think Kevin was trying to be kind of try to be honest with them okay following the center on the Mister honest Abe no the beard makes sense I think is a little less chubby any use you will be arguing about whose chubby yours is a weird question that's fair the US musician Steven Curtis Chapman will be the southern theater Thursday night comedian Russell Peters Friday Saturday and Sunday night at the funny bone and also this coming Friday night blue jackets will be in action again the host the Minnesota wild some well let's play by August.

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