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Hands. Now. What are you gonna do? Mount hope. The deadline, by the way a reference to that levian bells. Stutter step move where you see it's almost like a crossover of linebackers or call that the dead leg when they're blitz. And and try and give a guy the okeydoke like that holding up levian bells. Jordan brand cleats Richard is like I said, it's hard to not covet something that looks that fresh sitting in the locker, but this is the true sign that Levy on Bell's tenure is over at this point with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Now it'll remain to be seen. What happens this off season? Because as Adam Schefter brought up with us on Golic and wingo. There is the option for the Steelers to go with the transition tag to match whatever dream on dream on to match whatever love EON bell is signed to from another team. Again, the transition tag another team can make an offer to levian bell. The Pittsburgh Steelers have the chance to match that offer. And then if they do. What was posited by Adam Schefter was in theory? The Steelers could trade him and get something in return. Now, why another team would do that why another team would give up draft capital and signed him to the kind of long term deal that Levy bell? Cub. It's here would be an interesting business move because the Steelers could get left holding the purse on that one. But ultimately, there's a lot left in that. And all of it seems very impactful. We'll hear from a couple of I a Pittsburgh Steeler, an NFL PA rep. And one of our NFL insiders and former players on just how much this might resonate for future. NFL free agents future guys dealing with the franchise tag, which is again, a small group. But a group that's important on the less as we build up landmarks and try and set precedent throughout all of this. But coming up next we gotta to get back to a man LeBron James passes a goat Jimmy Butler debuts with his new teammates. That's.

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