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Inconsistencies with what the sergeant testified to in the witness stand yesterday with what they say was testimony that she gave a grand jury earlier while we get ready for a day of rain here in Minnesota much of the eastern part of the US down south getting ready for bad storms over the next couple of days that could affect your travel plans tomorrow is more of our tornado threat today, we're talking about primarily large hail in the areas of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and into Eleanor four tomorrow. It's strong tornado potential. Also win that's going to be more of the deep south and then moving into Friday, it's a little bit perhaps a lower threat, but still concerned about some damaging wind for the Carolinas and Virginia now, it's WBZ television meteorologist Megan Blair House. Again, we've just got a lot of rain here over the next several hours time magazine releasing its list of the year's one hundred most influential people it includes a familiar face to morning TV viewer. That's faces CBS this morning co host Gayle king. It's not even noon. And I'm having a great day. King taylor. Swift. Sandra Nancy Pelosi all get their own coverage. Forty eight women at all on the list the most ever actor, Dwayne Johnson soccer star Mohamed Salah basketball's LeBron James are in the top one hundred two time CEO and editor in chief Edward fells in thal. It's not a lifetime achievement award. It's about people who shape the year change the year stood up stood out. Peter King CBS news. You see on news time eight thirty five. I'm Steve Simpson. W Dave Lee from our friends at a Corey is home services. And now here we go spring is here by galley and there have their preseason AC tuna for seventy nine bucks. I'm telling you. This makes sense. I do every year. I just spend a little money on that tune-up a make sure my furnace lasts longer because that's a pretty big investment when you get the new furnace, but they have those too by the way, if you need one, and if you schedule here in April, your central or tuneup is only seventy nine bucks that is such good timing. And my by certainly go with someone you can trust. And I'm telling you I trust to quarries I have ever since I got my kinetico water treatment system over seventeen years ago to solve all the water problems. But.

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