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One as another person doesn't want to participate in a possessions and he goes to cut some jihad meets spice to eat. Meat settled in eighteen eight. And the meats leads all over the table and rhode island four tortoise and then he watches speights and i think the siege miracles a kind of sadness exciting with some things like wine barrels. Not running out that kind of thing. That sounds quite good. The blooding meat on the table. And that's pretty rank guide. Probably yeah. I wanted to ask you about the artwork for the period. Very helpfully on your blog. Present a few different examples of some of the art that was produced. that shows. I think the scene of the virgin. Mary madonna del oliver. In leeann nasa the bianchi valid. In as as you've studied this textually you've gone to the sites to do your fieldwork as well. Was there anything that kind of struck you about the art that was being produced in this group about the art that represented this this particular religious expression. I think he's moved the content of the an entity necessarily to do with the phone. One thing about the form. That's really interesting is it stupid network of sts sy- particularly with paintings if the origin story an annoying his identity. That is really likely painters network essentially pasta. This cheat sheet of the story around those because these these paintings is so incredibly similar. This is incredibly likely so often in the individual artists straw says. Somebody's will beautiful than others. But it's very interesting we have not to be of this origin story narratives to the taipan three told adia and we also have this story. The madonna della diva to the disney television that hacker during possessions in cc. When this all over again is reproduced kind of innoc- seats. Feis them then. Further south throughout umbria. That's ya say kind of moving towards from assisi we also have this. Massive fresco invalid inada which is incredibly impressive. It's very difficult to get to but he can get to. Valentina are definitely recommend going to see it is really really low is kind of destroyed in. Everybody hasn't feet. But it's a wonderful example of by an intramural processions within the tumbles value narrow and then an itinerant possession and as he chunks pacemaking bleeding fixes and people are carrying am as a crucifixes lillies. All sorts of things is quite exciting. Yeah absolutely. I'm looking at it right now on your on your website. So i'm going to link to this page because it's really worth a look it gives you. It's a malone of people doing so many different things So detailed i guess what kind of struck me about all of these different figures. They are the right on the cusp of. What's going to be you know. Future changes to art and things like that but they're already showing this. You know the the changes in detail. The different perspectives and all that like little traces of it in there and that makes again a lot of sense with a network of artists theory. I think that makes a lot of sense in terms of dissemination at especially of a really popular and pertinent story for time. Yeah absolutely one of the key thing about miss network is the town of assisi is missing missing san which was built by this point that suggests that the person who created the kind of initial sketch was either making over an old map out about it. Interesting okay yeah. I've i've been to see. But i don't recall going into the even go into the bianchi. Judge took that one and you have to get out the cc and then have a very nice chat with a woman who met you cut on..

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