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A twenty one day partial government shutdown. Congress has taken steps to provide guaranteed back pay for those workers Seville passed by a vote of four hundred eleven to seven with all seven votes against the Bill coming from Republicans. The vote came on the twenty first day of the partial government shutdown and on the same day. Furloughed federal workers were set to miss their first paychecks the Bill earlier passed unanimously in the Senate and President Trump says he will sign it. Linda Kenyon, Capitol Hill fighting it end, the shutdown over border wall. Funding remains a frustration. As we hear from correspondent, ABBIE? Fill the frustration that we're hearing is mounting on Capitol Hill where Republican lawmakers are really feeling the heat especially today, as we are really marking the possibility that this is likely to become the longest shutdown in this country's history. And they're urging the president to basically hit the object button and take an escape valve. That escape could be by declaring a national emergency. Wisconsin police have charged twenty one year old Jake Patterson with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping after Kristen Kasich is called nine one one after thirteen year old Jamie Kloss was brought to her home by a neighbor is able to tell us the person and the color of the vehicle and so shortly after the police arrived, we heard that the vehicle was being stopped. Sure just a short distance away from our house, Jamie. It's been missing for eighty eight days or parents were found murdered in their home. Flu season is worsening in the United States, the CDC report more than seven million Americans have gotten the flu so far this season. More than thirty five states are now reporting widespread flu activity in just the last week. On Wall Street, the Dow was down seventy four points the SMP down by five. I'm Mike moss. Take a look at.

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