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Feel free. Continue to call me a snob. It's not a badge. I way with shame. Not a with pride. It's just what i i'm left handed. I make no apologies being left handed to go around telling everybody had great left. Handed biagio do but You know i'm left handed and that's just how it goes and it's the same with my snow berry doesn't make me better than you. It just makes you better than most other. What can i say that little than what emily harris is what. I'm going to say that. Don't all this on. Emily in paris by saying that while we would locked into our homes. Not i will go much further than the end of the street. Watching this fantasy version of paris really did hold a certain appeal. I can say well. I'll tell you something in paris. Said i know that if you've been in hospital and you've had to have generalists city and you've come out of genuine. A city and one is not oneself and one is under general anaesthetic and take quite a while to get that allowed system. A person who is still groggy and insensible and slack of limb and feeble of mine from generosity can watch the whole season. Emily harris from soup to nuts and get a strange sense of enjoyment. Decide this personal experience. I know somebody has everything that i've just said. I would actually suggest that emily. In paris is such a strange con- you know contrived. The region of the experience of an ex pat anywhere in any foreign country let alone in paris and such a bizarre fantasy version of paris. That it probably is a little bit like being in that post anaesthetic hallucinatory state anyway. Yes i'm saying. I'm saying it's the best show if anybody out there is Is having a procedure. I'm saying i'm saying you can approach the state of somebody who's had the procedure without necessarily having to go through the pain. Everybody wins with emily from paris in paris panthers. Thank you for listening. That's for the clippers to mixed by..

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