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Um so frank martin gets a big when he also gets a big commitment from brian bowen the uh the guy that we all know about from the local situation hundred thousand dollar man brian bowen he he goes to south carolina he will sit out a semester they hope to have him back in the fall for his first full year to play next year south carolina will see if he actually does at becomes a nun and done regardless he's in colombia he did transfer he will be on the basketball team if he decides to do so next season so that's a big backdrop their to get him a guy that was at one point valued at one hundred thousand dollars we do not know what the what the price was for this situation but a bag uh was in the hands of someone i'm sure uh but i will say my number one bad guy i mean frank martin aside as cal lowery i don't know if you saw this uh villanova gets a one million dollar donation from coloury uh for the new locker room and for for the arena they actually plan because apparently calorie uh plays there um and practices there in the offseason so he said he wanted to have nice facilities for himself which is makes the donation alone no more selfish than you would expect but uh you know is still pretty nice and he had a a whole big thing uh you know thanking everyone what i feel bad about it how does this fill of your alan ray or if you're randy four your if your dante cunningham and you see cal our just drop in a bag of one million dollars you've got to feel bad because those are all his role models they're all seniors when he was a sophomore there um i dunno i feel bad for alan ran rainy footage showed up by you boy calorie one million dollars would could we figure it by like we figure out the villanova jim situation like they have the gym on campus at the place some games and but they also play in the sixers arena and the will to cailliaud center could we give vote over their own arena how do we what do we do to do like if the read on campus isn't good enough can we too we renovated hill there that's what they're doing about this so it's a sixty milliondollar renovation for the.

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