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Liberty's torch. The four event called Liberty weekend celebrated the full restoration of the Statue of Liberty. Navy warship USS has been sense shot down Iran, air flight, six, fifty, five, or the over the Persian Gulf on this date in one, thousand, nine, hundred, Eighty, eight, killing all two hundred ninety people aboard. US. Been Sends. While actively engaged with threatening Iranian surface units. Protecting itself from what was concluded to be A. Craft Showdown in Iranian airliner over the straight super moves. The US government people regrets this incident. Admiral William J Crowe Junior, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, saying commanders were being fired upon by units on the ground, and that the airplane was outside the prescribed commercial aircraft corridor. Passing away on this date in history, the doors Jim Morrison actor James Daily for Medical Center Ross Martin Rudy Vallee. Mr Magoo Jim, backus actor and comedian. Joe dorito saxophonist boots Randolph and Andy Griffith. Born on this date in History George Cohen? You're a grand old flag. Check writer. Franz Kafka from what's my line columnist and Television Personality Dorothy Kill, Gallon Clarinetist Pete Fountain Soul Singer Fontana Base Rescue me. Johnnie Wilder Junior Heatwave boogie nights Laura Brannigan all borne on this date in history. From the MoD squad Michael Cole Turns Eighty Writer. Dave Berry is seventy three from eight is enough Betty Buckley turns seventy three Bailey quarters from W.. P. IN CINCINNATI Jan smithers is seventy one countries Aaron Tippin this to Tom Cruise you pretty him. He's fifty eight today. The Voice of Lisa Simpson Yardley Smith is fifty six from sons of anarchy Tommy Flanagan fifty five from Becker Shawnee. Smith is fifty from private practice. Audra, McDonald is fifty five. Kimmy from full House Andrea. Barber is forty four and actress. Olivia Munn is forty. Though some of the people who celebrate the third day of July is their birthday. If this happens to be your birthday. We're the four freshmen. Say. Going back seventy one years July third, one, thousand, nine, hundred, forty, nine Edward Arnold starring as Mr, President Huron Classic. Radio Theater on a Friday can the daily recommended servings of fruits and vegetables fit into just six capsules. Yes, we start by sourcing organically grown whole fruits and vegetables. We ensure they are picked at peak ripeness. All of our produce is third party tested for pesticides, heavy metals, bad bacteria and nutrients. They are then washed cut and put through an advanced vacuum. Vacuum cold process which removes the water using pressure. This maximizes the nutritional value while preserving the color, smell and taste of the fruit or vegetable. The freeze dried food is ground into a fine powder without adding eddie additives, fillers or extracts, these powdered.

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