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I left behind me. A wife and five small children. Let me intrigued you at your return for. I knew that you will yo and return a master's house in hopes that you may to be conducted a more out of the holy pilgrims that you were saying today fabric and then be acquainted with all hat or shout happened unto me. Tell the motor my happier. Ibew this place and the president and late blessed condition that i am in the motu christian run cristiana his wife and how she and her children came after her husband levels What a happy end she made and whether she has gone have little or nothing family. Unless it'd be my prayers on tears for them which it will suffice that you're equate. If pet adventure they may reveal when mr stanford had thus set things in order and the time being come for him to hate him away he also went down to the river now. There was a great comb at that time in the river. Wherefore mr stan fast when he was about halfway in stood the wild and talk to his companions that had waited upon him thither and he said this whatever has been at ted many the thought to be righted. Be but no mazing. I stand easy. My foot fixed upon that on which the feet of the priests bear the ark of the covenant stood about israel jordan the waters indeed after the peta bitter under the stomach code. It does all of what i am gary into and the conduct that waits for me on the other side does lies a gluing code my heart. I see measure of now at the end of my journey. Naito days in dead. I'm going to see that head which was crowded with on that face which was spit upon for me i have formula live by hearsay and faith but now i go but i live by site and shattered with him in his company. I delight myself. I have loved to hear my lord spoken of and whatever. I haven't seen to print the i committed to set my foot to. His name has been demet as a perfume bucks a sweeter than all sweet smells. His voice to be has been most sweet and his countenance..

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