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Because it didn't work for me. My last year in college will say about the bruce arians. Very much is a is a player. Coach goes through his career. Everybody loves him. He is a class act. Do you think almost because of that. Persona mike he. He's underestimated little bit. As we ask that you put your finger on it. I think people people look at areas or looked at aaron's and say you know oh big play throw the ball you know that's it and you know they. They ignored. I think todd bowles Going back going back to arizona. They ignore to an extent the job he did that year. He coached in indianapolis when chuck pagano had cancer and was out. He was the interim coach of choice and did a brilliant job with andrew. Lock without killing him at least at the time. Because that's been the thing and that's what we said about brady going there. Oh it's going to be brutal. Because brady brady doesn't run. And he leaves quarterbacks in the pocket. And i mean that was the book on him though. The critics yeah. Yeah exactly exactly well wall spotted and i think that's been part of the reason why the bucks have come alive. Offensively the second half of the year was that adjustment period between brady and arians. You know and we're brady wants. He wants to be able to get rid of the ball quickly to spots where he knows either receivers going to be the zones going to be open going right back to where we started and arians is willing to wait for receivers to get open deep And and that's that would be a recipe for disaster with brady thing you could do you know and and I think they've come to a kind of accommodation where the offense is kind of a mix of that. They're still willing to take those shots downfield and he's got receivers to be able to be able to do that but you also see them. Running a lot of stretching stretching routes Quick release but godwin in particular cross. Animal scotty miller who is in Troy aikman terms. Has you know. Surprising speeds sneaky fast For radio receivers. You scotty miller on you referred to on the show anyone does. I'd like to. Who was that guy. So yes so. You know. I i i think i think you've got to coaches who on the surface both appear easy going but are far from it right there. You see andy occasionally when he's fed up with a cut with a referee in particular. You see you see kind of you know means side of him. And i think with eric. I think with areas you. Just you see how serious it is. By the way he's been able to adjust and and just one last point about areas and all he basically said it himself. I think and i've been saying it since spray since brady went there. You know if not before tampa was not a seven and nine team last year We when we said that when we saw them play it at white hart lane when we did that that game on the radio this is not a seventy nine hundred and this is. This is a ten in six kind of team. Maybe eleven and five. If you take away. Jay mrs turnovers you know which you just can't avoid. They lost three games yet because of arkley on interceptions or fumbles in crucial spots. Where were they were in the game and you know and yeah jayme is through. Tom brady threw for four thousand yards. And you know what. Jay mr for five yards. But but you know it was like it's like the cut of interceptions is worth the extra thousand yard. It's basically and brady threw out forty touchdown passes instead of thirty. You know but but that to me was the difference. He was joining a strong team and they made it stronger in the offseason. Not and this is without without brady but you know just just making moves that made that team stronger guest sides the boss so i wasn't surprised at all You know they'd they made the playoffs pick for for that for wildcard But i'm a little surprised at how strong the playoff run has come. And they. They remind me of those two thousand seven giants. You know a good late season run of for an eleven and five team was playing at their best going into the super bowl. Yeah get down the ride the hallway or berry mike. I know it is early doors. it's monday there's a lot that still needs to get what you leaning one way or the other leading to the bucks to be honest There are there are miserably doors. There are a lot of things i think to me. The difference in this game is how much you believe in patrick. Mahomes it's a quarterback. Stay but i felt the same thing last last week against green bay and they overcame aaron rodgers. Now they had. They had some breaks in doing that but what they did mike our listeners. Of course can catch you on. The b broke cost sunday. Yeah it's just a good old days with el chapo back and oc the j. bill. So you know. I look forward to the fireworks. Brilliant stop carlson. Well look forward to seeing that course. I'm sure everybody out and come back and see a soon. Yeah My my patron column which is patch dot com. Fm my Mike carlson fm. Probably make picking that. I hadn't picked games all season In that although i've done really well picking as you know from our radio show and asked me to do that. I find when i over think i picked raw super bowl record. I'm for for sixteen years. I'm well over not well over. I'm over two-thirds of games right up until the super bowl. And i have a losing record and super bowls because supercomputer get your head. That's right the more. I think the worst. Well look what supercomputers picking and go the opposite. It'd be my maybe flip a coin. Okay that's my call soon. F f. m. t. patriot call calls f. m. t. That's the college going it out. Check it out. Go and get the super bowl pick and plenty more besides look after yourself..

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