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Evidence of like this thing existed on like sci fi twitter and transmitter and then the media picked it up and then like that's what made it a problem. You're shit was behind a paywall for what it's worth. I didn't quite interpret it. I think she was just pointing out that. Like bless you see. Let's just see. Let's read it on. Most of the people i talked to for the story regardless of whether they initially criticized or appraise attack helicopter cited articles by established pundits including one in the atlantic supercharging. The discussion established pundits. Right there links to your paywall sub stack. How many of the people do you think that. Emily vander werff talked to for the story our subscribers paid subscribers to your sub stuck. Why would hope all of them katie. It's definitely you have a huge audience. Among hyper woke online friends of emily vander waves the part. That i really got to me was. I'm just gonna read this paragraph. it's very easy to do a paranoid reading on twitter says lee mandela phd. Candidate the university of kentucky blah blah blah. They were among the earliest advocates of attack helicopter. And they wrote a lengthy twitter thread collected as a blog post about paranoid versus repetitive. Readings of art. In response to clark's world. Polling the story. so this paranoid repaired of readings framework. I find very useful. Iran dwarf continues. The delineation between paranoid and repaired of readings originated in nineteen ninety-five with influential critic. Eve kosovsky sedgwick. A paranoia reading focuses on. What's wrong or problematic about a work of art. A repaired of reading seats out what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art. Even if the work is flawed importantly repaired of reading also tends to consider what might be nourishing or healing in a work of art for someone. Who isn't the reader. I don't wanna take everything back to the harper's letter but the harper's letter did not say anything. Anyone actually finds offensive. The reason this was a globe is because people including vanderbilt read it in a deeply paranoid way including one person who literally crossed out the words. Replace those words with things. Like i question trans people's rights to exist. You could not actually read the text unless you read in very paranoid way and come away thinking it was bad let alone so bad that you should contact your bosses over your colleague signing. Do you think that. Emily vendor worth like when she was writing this piece. She had any sort of shades of like m. i..

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