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On the fours so working on some congestions heading southbound making your way out of the standard area towards the Snohomish. River, in Everett meanwhile we do have a bit of slowing still on northbound five grading out of lacy of towards JBL Emma. Maingate, in Seattle meanwhile we do have a closure still of Danny way. At Westlake avenue this is for a water main repair that is underway being direct your traffic's being directed through the area thereby police right now to get around. To that, mess I mean what would you seen a bit of slowing on southbound five as you make your way across the. Ship canal bridge our next, supporters of. Five twenty four I'm, Evan Smith traffic beautiful. Summer like weather we'll continue today hot. And sunny highs we'll get into the high eighties even nineties, in some areas and it will stay in the eighties. Through mid week I'm Kelly Blair with your forecast from the, KOMO forecast team Stay connected, stay informed. Seattle twenty four hour, news station KOMO news. One thousand FM ninety seven seven one. Hundred days to midterms a lot can happen in that time, but ABC's Martha Raddatz discussed the possibilities with our political. Roundtable on this week this morning from ABC news this week Co-anchor Martha Raddatz We are back now with our powerhouse, roundtable ABC, news political. Director Rick Klein he's also the co host of the, powerhouse politics podcast Washington Post national, correspondent Mary, Jordan Washington Post chief correspondent Dan balls and, New York Times. Editorial board. Member Mara Gaye welcome to. All. Of, you. Welcome Mara Rick I'm going to start with you a hundred days till. The mid-term elections plenty of things can change look at one hundred days and I think we'll, be ninety eighty but where? Are we today and what? Are you saying we're seeing an election play out across. Two different Americas the battle for the house is taking place, in. The suburbs excerpts Twenty-three districts that Hillary Clinton one where Republican House member. Sits right now and these are places where President Trump this. Isn't that popular there's a meeting on Capitol Hill a few days ago where the White House said the president will go to any Republican district that he's that, he's wanted in but there won't be a lot a lot off the map for him because he's just so unpopular Meanwhile. The, Senate. Is a totally different map you've got ten Democrats up for reelection in. States that were carried by Donald Trump and that's where Trump country is so powerful so you, could have the Democrats take control of the house the? Republicans keep the Senate and both for the same reasons. President Trump Dan the president says he's going to go out, there. And campaign six or seven days a week starting in a couple of. Months before the election he wants the election to be about. Him the Democrats want it to be about him should the Republicans want it to be about him well there are a lot of Republicans who will not welcome, him in their districts because these are districts as you know as Rick said went for Hillary Clinton But the reality is at this point Democrats appear more energized. I mean everything we've seen over the last year plus in terms of special elections Democrats. Have generally overperform in terms of turnout and energy and that that sort of thing the. One thing we. Know about Donald Trump, is that, he, can, Rev up his base Mary we always. Had on the road talking talking to voters I don't want to particularly focus on, female voters and how you think they play. This the all the fire is on the democratic side people. That didn't go to PTA meetings are now organizing voters they. Say that they've, just the one, good thing that Trump has done is is made them really fired up outrage, at what's going on in the border with kids. The feeling that the president has a loose. Relationship with the truth the environment is just. Making people registered about give money to vote getting? Other, people out and that's a big contrast to the women who say they're going to vote for Trump, they like Trump, but as they, say you know he He may. Not be a good man but he's, a good president and. By that, then they when you talk to them I say they don't like his, style they don't like stormy Daniels they don't like how he tweets but they will vote. For him they're saying as of today because of conservative judges tax cuts lower regulation and that. To them what he's doing is why they're still on. The side and then how do they can you counter that and I've seen that on. The road Mary and I've talked about this too. I've seen that on the road is out I don't care. About Russia I don't care about the tweets I as a means to an end well the big unknown I think is whether the democratic and liberal energy in the. Country right now we'll actually translate into electoral victories if you have. Voters who vote who don't generally vote in primary elections but do show up for presidential. Elections will we see them vote in the in the midterms okay beautifully said thank you. Very much all. Of you you're listening, to KOMO, news There? Are many recordings made by the former longtime Trump lawyer and fixer seized by. The FBI but his then candidate Trump on. More than the one released. ABC's Chuck's Iverson current Trump lawyer. Rudy Giuliani on x. Trump attorney Michael. Cohen, a hundred and eighty three unique conversations on tape one of those with the president's day Giuliani, on CBS face the nation ABC news chief legal analyst Dan Abrahams CPA potentially has information to provide to, Robert Muller let's be clear he's being investigated by the southern district of New York which is. A. Separate entity, investigating Michael Cohen Abrahams. On ABC's this. Week Chuck Sivertsen ABC news Your money at twenty and fifty past the hour. On KOMO news KOMO news. Money report is, sponsored by propel insurance from, ABC news. Wall, Street weekend on the heels of eight difficult week for some large tech companies investors will be watching another major player in the week ahead. Facebook stock fell nineteen percent, in one day Thursday after the company announced lower-than-expected. Earnings Twitter stock fell more than twenty percent Friday after announcing its monthly users fell in the, second quarter of the year was better news last week for Amazon is it, released its earnings, and many analysts now think it, not apple, will become the first ever company to reach the. Trillion dollar market cap apple announces its second quarter earnings on Tuesday more, companies are, phasing out plastic. Straws Disney the, parent company of ABC news says it will. Eliminate plastic straws. And stirs from its global properties by the middle of, twenty thousand nineteen at some point this week. The US likely to announce, an additional sixteen billion Of tariffs on Chinese goods to which China is likely to retaliate..

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