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Give me one. Don't you have a massive staff to handle stuff like this? No, that's the thing. We don't actually have a huge staff. So unlike these other conglomerates out there that just swoop in and put like 40 people on it, there's two of us really right in things. Michael will pop him with writing stuff every night. And he's usually primarily video for us, but gotcha. Yeah, there's I mean, there's just being Joseph for the most part, writing most of this stuff, so we don't have an expansive staff. Give us a break NASCAR. Give us some date. One day. Like we said, I have a feeling that this is going to be a busy off season. I think your feeling is correct from some of the things I'm hearing, there could be some really interesting things coming in the next few weeks. So we've got the clash race format that was slammed down our throat this week. It's going down at the Los Angeles coliseum. I have no earthly idea how they're going to fit these cars in that tiny space. But, you know, I guess they're NASCAR. They'll figure it out. Yeah, so we're going to have a field open to 40 entrance I hear. So qualifying a race winners or championship people, it's just whatever, anybody. Everyone who wants to pretty much show up can. Because I don't think you're going to get more than 40 that show up anyway. But yeah, so they'll have practice sessions prior to single reason enough for me to say single car qualifying runs, which will determine the starting order for the four scheduled heat races. And like we said, it's open to up to 40 cars that can compete. So on Sunday, this is and that was on Saturday, by the way, we do all the practice in qualifying all that stuff. Sunday, the on track action begins at 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Fox. Blah. Bah. And that'll be four 25 lap heat races consisting of ten cars each, so for races with ten cars each that's 40 cars. Guys. Coliseum here. Hey, coliseum. How are you doing? New to this whole thing. Usually I just have football inside me. What? What is wrong with your sport? Why are they putting cars in me? That's a good question. One we will defer to NASCAR for. I don't think they're gonna fit inside me. They'll fit. It might not fit very well, but they'll fit. Okay. Well,.

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