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With twenty minutes of nonstop news. Kent police shot and killed a hit and run suspect. Here's more from komo's lease stole. This all started with Auburn police who were responding to a hit and run at around midnight. They asked Ken for help because the driver took off Auburn police through a spike strip at the driver kept going ten police performed a pit maneuver basically pushing that car off the road. We're told as they approach the driver, the thirty eight year old fired a shot, a Kent officer returned fire striking him, he immediately tried to help that driver, Alex. But that driver died officer who fired is. Eight year veteran and is on paid leave which is standard in an investigation. Like this last night a man called nine one one to tell Seattle police he had killed his brother. This was shortly after six thirty in the Fremont neighborhood near north furnish forty first street and Fifth Avenue north nowhere to how the brother died. Police did take the color into custody later Edmonds police need some help tracking down the people responsible for last month's murder of a young man after a party at the Edmonds senior center. Komo's Carleen Johnson has twenty three year old. Alexander roads was shot. Several times says the party was ending early on the morning of December fifteenth in Edmonds police sergeant Josh McClure tells KOMO there were dozens of people there at least two people had guns that were fired off further getting little if any cooperation nobody is coming forward with any information. And because there were so many people there, and we know other people witnesses and know what happened. No, we're going to need that cooperation bring Mr. roads killer to Justice a few days later at a family vigil. Detectives were given a short piece of cell phone. Video from the shooting. Short clip doesn't.

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