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Because it was born out of an experience this one experience that was then stamped on other people again nine fairly. I mean i have no idea. I was a kid at the time. The guy may very well have been more qualified than my dad. Just poor perception. So if you had aladdin's genie What would chuck smith due to deal with the injustice problems in georgia united states world. I think something as simple as what we talked about it a while ago at lunch if we could just have more conversations like this find somebody that you feel or dame or have a mindset about have a conversation were and the they'll confirm what you thought or they'll dispel what you but at one way or the other you will get some type of you get some type of revelation from it and i would. I would venture to say more more often than not. It'd probably dispel some of the misconceptions and bridges. You had about that person Nine times out of ten. I believe if not more so you're just conversations. Let's have honest face to face conversations. Which are i'm not saying as easy honest open transparent conversations about what we failed what we think why we think what we think i in which you just said that you may have used to take a certain way because of what your dad impressed upon you. From his experience in once she realised. Oh i think this way because of that. Not because this is what i really think. And start to rehash re- manufacturer re rebuild your psyche and psychology about things people's concepts. Whatever maybe is this dark with a conscience.

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