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Perfection, or their sizzling steaks or their media rips, even have handcrafted salads and sandwiches by ward winning shops. Pay don't shortchange yourself experience. The glory days grill menu in all its glory glory days grill. Great food, good sports. Still putting off building that dream home. Now's the perfect time to talk with us about a mortgage loan with many options to consider. We'll find you the loan. That's right for you. Call us today. And let's get started Bank account is an equal housing lender. Member FDIC. Dollars kids ten and under are free visit wizard world dot com. For more info wizard world, Portland February twenty-second through twenty four th at the Oregon convention center. Buy tickets at wizard world dot com. Now your winter adventures with class style and performance with the help from my friends at Subaru Portland. Hey, it's Christina. And I'm excited to tell you about the all new two thousand nine hundred eighty three rows Subaru ascent premium. It has the power you need for everything outdoors, but handles like a premium sedan with a smooth ride and incredibly quiet buying a new vehicle is a big deal. And it's important to get the most for your money. Do you research, but promised meal test drive, the twenty nine thousand three rows Subaru premium from Subaru Portland's you'll thank me later Subaru Portland with you for a lifetime. The possibility of lung cancer can be pretty scary, especially if you're willing to approximately eight million current or former smokers in high risk. That's why saved by the skin dot who wants you to know that now there's a breakthrough low CT scan that can detect lung cancer early, and it only takes sixty. Seconds, you stopped smoking. Now start screening for easy quiz to see. If you're eligible visit Saint by the skin dot org. It could save your life. Say buckskin dot org is brought to you by the American lung association's lump force initiative and the Ad Council. Drug king Israel, your shot in one thousand dollars now. Text the word coffee to two hundred you'll receive a confirmation text standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide. Contest that's coffee from eleven ninety K.

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