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Sometimes so good at sometimes dot com. It's the well section. You know, that's my jam messes. My thing on and what sort of wellness are you prescribing? Well, this week's last week column because it's posted every Wednesday. I can't tell you what's coming up in this Wednesday yet. But she can't tell you because she's missing meeting right now. What editor do we need to thank for your appearance here Ramona fantastic. Fantastic. But basically, we are planning some live events to around some of this wellness, which is pretty great. But people are just anxious to get well this last column I had about vegan dogs should people are making their dogs vegan. The people are now raising vegan pets the thing. Steve it's a thing. So I interviewed a good thing. That's that's up for discussion. It was a big debate one vet said absolutely another vet said, no way, they're scavengers they need meat. So, you know, everybody's got an opinion. David davis. Ozzie Ozzie vegan vegan is not a vegan. In fact, every night after dinner while I'm cleaning up. He sits at the at my feet, basically and waits for me to drop a piece of chicken or fish or sure sounds very some sort of like kale as much as I do. He does not he will not touch. The I put the kale in his bowl every. Is this this like a love hate thing? You've never been able to go there. Twenty years. I tried to get you to eat something healthy things. If they're iced cookies that are green and cheaply Christmas trees. Broccoli. Okay. All right. That's good. And then there's broccoli. Is that with or without the cheese? You know? I'll eat broccoli raw. Yeah. I'll just grab a stock and start eating. Oh. And you know, what Joe McLaughlin, the last guests that was just in? Here is my next guest at conversations with Weigel my life series at the Willamette perte theater. Well, enough about kale and broccoli. Let's talk about some great food you want to. Yeah. Vincent Lawrence from the imperial lemon. This guy got it. He is the owner. And he brought us some delicious food. Did you bring? Well, first of all thank you for having us. Forget about the thank you. What did you? It smells really good. It's not broccoli. So far. So I have a jasmine rips are our house or their smoke jasmine ribs, and then also have golden craft high rise some twenty four capital plaza. Bruno Mars twenty four karat. Twenty three point nine carat gold. So which is edible and they seriously gold on top of this pile of rice,.

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