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We we did it Monday. I actually wasn't even going to do the tournament this year. So Because when the pandemic hit I figured. Well, there's no way we can pull this thing off right. Who knows where the money's GonNa come from who knows where businesses are going to spend any money if they have any and thankfully life got back to somewhat normal if you WANNA call it that with. Some businesses we raised two, hundred, twenty, five, thousand dollars on Monday and. That's I'm very proud of that which is for us way down, which is great. You know normally we do more than that but I mean I was just thrilled this to do what we're able to do. We staggered the people that come out normally to shotgun start and we do it out of Norwood which has got to magnificent courses, which is where the ascension charity classic will be held which you're. Wearing that hat, the ascension charity classic, and they they rolled over the year that was supposed to be this year. It'll be forty years coming up. But so you can get a lot of people out there. We sold out the golf we actually had to turn people away and so it took us over the four million dollar threshold, which is one hundred percent goes to kids. So awesome. Yeah. That that need. Our help and so when I said I don't think we should do it this year. They said we we have to do it because Special Education Foundation here in Saint Louis said if we don't do it, we're going to have a lot of these kids that don't get these services and we really do rely on this tournament to supply them with the necessary things that that you are able to to give them. So we do things like if a kid is growing up and they and family doesn't have the money and I do see where the money goes. So I see a family applies for hearing AIDS or a wheelchair or smart boards, or we Redo a classroom or computers or whatever I mean all these different things that we try to..

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