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Ahead of Pittsburgh as well, trying to get in position to get each TN that they think he's the best back and they wanted a pair him up, Obviously, with jocks, Alan and create that back built, gentlemen. You had my curiosity. Now you have my attention. No w gr sports radio 5 50. It's got a craving for steaks up. All right, we're gonna get Derek Alco here in just a moment. Thanks for hanging out with us. All of a sudden, I just I'm smelling a steak and she sub in my nose right now. I don't know why, but I just Uh, right. 803 old 5 50 to join us. We'll start with travesty Chance so that Woz. Let's see. Let's see. It would have been done months and talking about Travis Ctn, Clemson play by play, Man, Marcel Louise Jack recovered. Luisa Excuse me, covers the bills for ESPN dot com, is down with Bulldog last week and then the podcast comment. From Todd McShay about Travis. He tended the bills. That's where we'll start. Eric Delko is from Optimum Scouting is joining us on the Western Hotline. Eric, It's Howard and Jeremy. Good morning, Sir. How are you today? I'm doing great. Are you guys doing this draft week? I'm ready for Thursday. Man. Thursday at around 11. 30 PM I'm ready. Okay, so it's gonna be. It's gonna be interesting, too, because I think you mentioned the bills in particular the running back market's going to really have to figure out this first round this year. You guys were gonna go. It's gonna be a lot of turmoil for the bills on Thursday night. Okay, so let's start there and and maybe they are. Who knows if that's true or not that they're trying trying to trade up, But let's start with Travis Et en and get your thoughts on him first and foremost. Yeah, He's the most explosive running back. I think in this draft class and really the only running back in this class that has both really impressive why ranging downfield speed and can be a three down, running back, and that's really important. Why I think teams value him so highly You can get speed back and a third down back like Michael Carter from North Carolina in round, maybe as early as two but likely round three and four. There's a couple those guys in this draft, but there's not many guys work. Explosives are outstanding Pass catchers Travis CPN Probably about the cup was past catcher in the 2020 F L draft class and he could be a three down, running back and I think that's how tells that he is. I would not be surprised at all if he is The fifth off a playmaking offensive weapon taken off the board after Kyle pits to mark Chase Jim and waddling Devante Smith, and that's how you gotta think of travesty together that he's going to be the fifth Explosive player out the board and his feeling ranges from maybe it ties the 16th overall pick and I don't think it gets out of the first round, for sure. Okay, So the difference is I was going to ask, I guess Harris and maybe Joe Vontae Williams. I know you mentioned the other kid it in and North Carolina. What? One of the main differences. Then let's say between Harrison et en specifically Harris. Do you not see the same receiving ability there that you might see from ET en Certainly not the same nausea. Harris could do it. He's shown it in limited and we've seen Ah lot of the album of running backs last decade thinking, Hey, they can't do on third down and they figured out the NFL are able to do it. D J L That's not a good job. On that rolls well draw his NFL career, but the difference is the Tien Is NFL ready and really impressive as a route runner. Clinton was moving him in motion moving him in the slot. He can run around in that area. I think he's the only running back. In this draft class with over 100 targets Minutes college career, which is really, really impressive, so they're not the same. And that says I think GM as a pass catcher and really out in the perimeter is just more explosive than technology. Harris. No, not be. Harris is for more traditional. He can work between the tackles and a really high level. I think you'd better inside don't run of Nietzschean, so there are differences. I mean nausea. Harris is more Better player on 1st and 2nd down, But as we've seen in the NFL now, including the Bills offense It's not as much of the first most only a first down, running back because really on second now you're thinking about passing as well and that's why you get so valuable. So all right, Let's say let's say the bills. Do you want to add our running back? You know, the GM talked about Brandon being had mentioned last week. You know, he likes the guys. They have You like Singletary likes Moss. But they don't have quote a home run hitter. So is eating and the only guy who fits that description. If not, what about Harris or Williams? And I mean, he turns off the board now, Eric, What about the other two guys? Whether a 30 or Trade back trade up a few slots could either one of them fit that home run hitter and would either guys still be a good pickup for the bills? I think yes, I think it depends on how much they want to feel that meat because based off what I believe I think oflove on office has kind of said that publicly that et and really fits that mold as that big play running back, and I think he's going to add a lot as a third down guy the way he's acting Austin about Devon Singletary can't do so. I think overall running back is indeed we want someone to be a bell cow and the exact Boston tomb or both. Red Zone in short yardage guy in 17. Terror is a change of pace that I think Magic Harris or around to running back legs about Ted Williams and pray, serve and by the way, Trey sermon is on the same level of Devante Williams for a lot of teams. I talked to their kind of three and four bunched together, but I think if they want to feel the need One of those three guys work to the 1st and 2nd down workhorse, and they've got to figure out the rest later. But if you want to dynamic offense of weapons add one more piece of its bills often each year. That guy that they want him almost for sure they're gonna happen. Move up, maybe a tie as the top 2023 picks together. So where do you think he could go? Then? Because again in this discussion of The speculation about the bills moving up. It was well there. If they did move up, they'd want to get ahead of 23 24. 25. Jets Pittsburgh Jaguars Where if he's gone before, then where does he tea and go? Yeah, he very well could. I think I think kind of the 25 area Much of the Jaguars. That's where they want him. But I think by the early twenties, it's going to be a jets like team that taken for knee or someone moves up to get and I don't like to get out of the top 2023 picks again. The feeling I believe is the Arizona Cardinals. They want to add one more offensive weapon. They don't you, James Counter or Chase Edmunds as the guy next year, so if they don't get a top receiver like maybe devices, Smith falls to them. I think they're his feeling ET and the Dolphins that 18 need a running back. They like beauty and a lot. The Washington football team. They like Antonio Gibson, but they're not a post, adding one more offensive playmaker and again I stress each yen is the fifth best offensive playmaker in this draft, so if you don't get Hit with the top three receivers, and you want to add a dynamic weapons, your offense, each against that next guy, And that's why when it's Arizona, Miami, Washington and then no proven the Jets. The Jaguars et m gonna go someplace pretty early. And this is also it seems like just the hype..

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