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What is up vast Davidson attics? Thank you so much for tuning in. Guess what? This episode has never been released before but it's also a throwback. It features Massachusetts native and NHL star Noah hanifin. We filmed this last spring at the height of the panjab when all sports were shut down Noah just so happened to be in town visiting his family. Please excuse the wind in the background. We actually shot this interview em outside at a golf course in Massachusetts. Noah hanifin is currently still playing with the Calgary Flames this season also in this episode is Amy highlight chat. I did with Boston Bruins Legend Rick Middleton. I hope you enjoy it. Rick Middleton Boston Bruins. You are essentially a Boston Bruins game. And you had your number retired back in 2018? What was that experience? Like you probably get asked this question all the time in order to put into words, but it was one of the big surprises in my life because Camp called me in July and I wasn't even thinking that way and when he when he told me I I couldn't believe it. I actually got emotional but I'm not really an emotional guy, but I got emotional when he said it and if I had four months to make my speech and writing I was just afraid that I would forget Somebody But at the end of the day everybody said they liked this page, so I'm happy with that and you're a three-time All-Star and I read something online the other day that I'm currently tied right now for the most points or goals with with Kendall Ken Hodge know is it going to be broken or not broken Brad? Marchand Brad Marchand, I think passed me last year. So it's broken. I'm waiting on a 20-second do they need to update that information online is what you're talking about. That was the only NHL Boston Bruins game. I knew I had so yeah, and thanks God but Brad broker cuz I told him he could get the 50 if he keeps going most shorthanded goals by a bruin up until last year Brad. Marchand passed me 25 and he got his twenty-six and maybe even more than that. I'm not sure and how was it being an All-Star? Well, well, I'll start it's quite an honor. Trust me when you have so many players in the league so many great players in the way. You don't get a chance to get to an All-Star status every year. So here's Udo and you're able to do that is point on it and you play with the great players such as Terry O'Reilly. How was that experience? Oh, Terry was supposed to be here today, but he couldn't make it and we do it's it's great to play with these guys. What's great about the alumni as we play with guys from different eras Mia guys as young as forty years old understand, I'm not going to tell you how old I am but I am I'm second oldest to Terry. So I'm the oldest guy here cuz he's not here, but we have a lot of fun as you can see and we do a lot of good work 30 games for charities in the New England area we go up into Canada and hopefully two floors Sure. I want to talk more about this Bruins team. Obviously, you guys are a bunch of great talents at alumni. What are some of your favorite events that you guys host? And I know that you guys raise money for a bunch of different charities. What are some of your life particular consistent ones have been the mass Down syndrome Congress every year. I think we're doing the 13th or 14th year with them. We've done the Fisher house a great military charity. We're doing a home-and-home series with the New York Rangers this year for the Navy Seals foundation and their charity. So there's there's so many Dimension that I can't think of a more mature and we're going to go off the couch for a little bit and I'll let you go play some hockey. Having been in the Boston area for so long. What are some of your favorite Boston restaurants to eat at when you're in town? Where do you like to go? Where do you like to take your family? Well, you know boss has changed quite a bit. Younger. I used to hang out in Boston back in the day the day. Oh boy in the North End was a restaurant called Felicia's that we went to I met Bob Hope in there one night. That's how popular it was Bob would go down there and and he ran a a golf tournament in California and he's shipped the food to his golf tournament from Felicia's which was great. What did you use to order? There was your favorite meal. I think it was a chicken piccata chicken piccata. Yeah. Yeah, but that's gone, you know, Ray bork obviously trust goes down in the North End. There's a lot of great ones, but.

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