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Wow so that was pretty deep. Why do you guys think it took them so long to finally have this heart to heart conversation. I'm actually surprised that didn't happen sooner off camera surprise at all that it didn't happen sooner. You know when you're in a feud with samadi and it's fresh and it hurts and then after a few months after a year five years goes by you. Just have a hard place for that person. You're not mad at them but you just don't wish them well. I think they got so use of that. Feeling of anger towards one another that just became a part of their lives and they probably for a long time. Didn't even realize and god what that feud was even a bout because it had been twenty seven years. Oh i disagree see. I don't think she's forgotten. What that feud is about for one second. I first of all. I started watching this last night and then stopped watching before this part. Of course those excited rundown this morning. This is some serious stuff. I mean obviously watching the fresh prince growing up realizing that and had been switched out with no. I realized that and i don't even remember how old we were. We were young. But i mean for things have gotten as bad as they did will smith and one of his co stars and we kind of nowhere to be this lovable likable hilarious guy. Like i was really surprised and for her to say you know to label the dark skinned black woman. Difficult in hollywood like as somebody that i was working with somebody that i was supposed to be family with has derailed my career for thirty years so little. It's a little too little too late. And i'm a huge will smith fan but once i kind of read what was going on between the two of them. It still isn't actually clear as to why he had such a problem with her. Yeah it's just really isn't too clear to me either. Besides the fact that she was able to work with but people are difficult all the time and the exactly you know it felt like a red table talk situation like taking a note from his wife jada. he's now opening up and having these heart to hearts. But being the will smith that we see and we know when we love now i. I'm surprised he wouldn't have this revelation. Sooner right over the years. I totally give being young. And he midst like your egos in the way you you you kind of. Who's on top of the world. He was really feeling himself. And and there was you know a little chip monir shoulder right and they typically goes away after a little while. I mean he took a long time. I mean they forced. You're i mean not. i don't want to say. They forced her out but they gave her such as she could thank you. They divorced her out by just giving her such a bad deal. I just don't understand. I think i would. I would have a clear to us where to get understanding what happened if i kind of knew what really started all of this but i just feel like this woman's career has really stalled because what what happened. I don't think that that's right but hold on the shoulders of will united because if sounds like the whole team may have thought because i thought yeah just like you know have only beef with will but i think it's like a family like if from this and both of you don't are both of us. Don't stand up or say something you're mad at the whole family because somebody was supposed to have your back. I think what happened. The situation was yes we do know will smith as in light one. The one who's connected but leaders get that way until about five ten years ago in in state like he was. This was a sitcom that was obviously very successful. I think for me to wrap it up in a bow. There's a disconnect as to why the tension was caused in the first place and back to justice point words. It's functional little family. If you guys made in my life difficult every day at seven months pregnant. I don't know how i would go to the fact that she had to go through that like i don't know i'm having a hard time with this one today. Yeah i think you were. i mean. I'm glad that they made a men's now but like kind of what you said. they'll morgan. It feels like a little too little lay always better than never buy. It does feel like yeah. I'm kind of lost most of her career. She hasn't work that much. I really have that. I don't like that. Her family disowned her over. This i don't really understand that. That was a separate. I think that was because she was having issues in her marriage. Yeah yeah let me point something out. Not everybody from fresh. Prince went on to have careers. Let's be real about that. Not body was a jennifer aniston. According to cox at that moment if you look at the cast they kind of got stuck in that fresh prince role. So who's to say if she would've stayed on the show for three more years that she had this big ass career must now we can't just in case you feel like when you hear her speak. She's still she was willing to sit down obviously to kind of have that moment. I mean what's the point of holding back at this point. It's been so many years. But i felt like she's not holding onto something but just was like.

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