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R. now we're just under way second half of the second semi final game we start the same way with the first the dry sinal make David with your Donald they bring it in the shooter to save made by one of big jets goaltender Connor Hellebuyck Connor Hellebuyck on one side big say Dave brick on the other side the changes so drag around the Connor McDavid they'll drop it back tomorrow you're done over time for for entering the second set at ten minutes the point run a little line make David to dry sidles and how about that IT but it the padding goes in and the Pacific Division regains the lead it's five go for Pacific over central there's those two that had a couple of shifts without touching the puck right Connor McDavid and Leon dry Siedle a two on one they had time they add space inside the blueline they took their time and dry subtle with the pass across and or plot McDavid party with the pass across the dry subtle all in one motion scores a goal so the kid entry advocate installing came bring up Michael line he won a backhander Riddick will make the save David Riddick object goaltender the Calgary flames run over the line Tomas Hertl lone representative from San Jose brings it over a patch you're ready that part is not the fact that it's intercepted pains got it became a slowdown treating a three on one was tall and McKinnon McKinnon shooting an optical above Riddick it goes into the corner recovered by stall back then again and trying to force it download a keen Thatcher ready bring it up by fertile right back in life for Pacific colonel far Winkle Petar shooting hello again the whole body hugging oppose they sent away you know the wait soon ski in a cheer for Kate again you know Chris you mean you mention native McKinnon well he ends up being the defense been back the forward that has to play defense there's a three on one against him they come up with the say been right in front of the net is were McKinnon is he just picks it up throws it down the.

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