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Office again before we get to a major league deep dive on the first official depth chart of the season. I did want to thank those of you. Who have told me for a while. Now if you're looking for a new show watch ted lasso. I watched the first four episodes of season one last night. And i absolutely love it Cowboy clay steve Rob patty there several of you That have reached out to me over the last. I don't know several months when we've talked television shows and you've said you guys are gonna love this show. I watched the first four episodes last night. And i can't wait to get to the rest of it. I've heard it gets better and better also to those of you who may be scratching themselves. Like i have been for the last three or four days with little bug bites. These are oak mites. That are out there. I don't know how many people are familiar with the oak. Might bites gist Google it there have been stories written in all sorts of of newspaper headlines. Dc residents terrorized by invisible flesh. Eating might Yeah this is This is a real thing. And i've been scratching some bug bites on my arms and legs for the last three or four nights. At first i thought they might be bedbugs from this furnished rental that we've had to move into for a time being until our new house is ready to be moved into But apparently what they are is they have. Come to feed on cicadas eggs. That were left by the cicadas last. Not last month but now two months ago which by the way was sort of an overrated event. I think the noise wasn't bothersome. I didn't have to go with an umbrella outside to keep them off my face and body. That never happened. But these mites are a real deal so if you're scratching yourself and you can't figure out why and you've got little red bug bites on your arms especially that's what it is. These are oak mites They're apparently in oak trees. Feeding off the cicadas eggs left. Remember cicadas basically or the brood. X cicadas right. Every seventeen years they come out they fly around they bang another kedah. They lay their eggs and they die. And then you know seventeen years later. The new ones hatch. Well apparently these mites love these eggs and when the wind blows a little bit and you're near oak tree they're landing on bodies and they're biting you. You can't see them. Apparently they are microscopic in size like they are a fraction of like the size of a pinhead but they're also apparently not dangerous at all but anyway That's all i got on that The depth chart is out. Look i i'm not gonna make fun of the people that do the depth chart some not talking about the teams. I'm talking about the people who you know. Update their fifty three man roster projection dock us to give me a hard time. He used to say when you're fifty three man roster coming out and i said i don't do that i think i did it for maybe like two or three years But then i realized it's just not for me anyway I don't wanna completely sort of you know. Be condescending or diminish you know the results of it washington put it out. Look somebody pays attention to this thing. I don't know if it's old joe in the mail room that puts it together but somebody puts together has a general idea of what the depth chart actually is. You know it's not like teams are sitting there going. Oh let's put together a depth chart. That's really misleading. So the patriots. On thursday night plan for david sharp at right tackle instead of sam cosmi. They don't care about that. At this point they're supposed to put out honest effort depth charts before the first preseason game and you know for me. I a lot can change obviously between now in the opener but they're instructive especially in those areas. Where you think there's a lot of competition in you know it also sort of matches up with what a lot of the beat you guys have been seeing at practice. So the two areas that were You know for me interesting to at least look at. I wanted to look at wide receiver. And i wanted to look at offensive line. I wanted to see you know what what they had lined up starter. Because i'm surprised that eric flowers isn't the starting left guard i thought when they acquired eric flowers they acquired him to be the starting left guard. West schweitzer was the starting left guard last year. And he's number one in the depth chart and he has been the guy. That's gotten the most reps with the first team. So eric flowers looks like a depth guy. He's number two behind schweitzer on the depth chart. They've got leno at left tackle. They've got obviously rue des center in sheriff at right guard and i was interested to see who you know. The number one right tackle. Was it sam cosmi at wide receiver. I wanted to see what they had. Well they have what you would expect. Even though one of these guys is available right now but terry maclaurin of course Curtis samuel who hasn't practiced yet and adam humphreys were the top three receivers and then behind them. Diani brown behind terry at the x. And then you had. Cam simms behind curtis samuels and steven sims junior behind adam humphreys so that would give you an idea it at least as far as you can believe this that those are the six guys right now. The sims juniors. Battling it out with the andre carter to be punt returner and whoever wins that punt returner job. I think he's going to be the sixth receiver. I guess they could keep seven but more likely than not six which means a guy like antonio gandhi golden guide at a lot of people loved last. Summer is in more likely than not trouble. Isaiah right kelvin. Hormann from nc state coming off. His injury appears to be in trouble. He's the fourth receiver On one of the receiver spots So anyway Yeah that's it You know jamie davis is pencilled and is the starting middle linebacker. The more i've talked to various people. Think we're gonna see a lot of different defensive alignments you know their basis for three but therein nikola lot. They play a buffalo nikola which at times can be a linebacker a lot of times. They have just two linebackers on the field and none of them. Were playing that middle linebacker spot and you're going to see a lot of in year two with a full off season. A lot of creativity defensively this year especially given. They've got a lot of players that they feel comfortable. Putting on the field. With by the way is ron rivera. You know Always talks about sort of positional flexibility. That's important for him. you know. That's why a guy like cornelius. Lucas is valuable to them. Maybe guy like city charles as well a guy that complain multiple positions. They want that positional flexibility. They wanna be able to you. Know endure injuries. in a in a way in which it allows them To plug and play with is they're used to playing various spots and are capable of playing those spots by the way on that depth chart Danny johnson was the number one kick returner. And even though stevenson's junior was ahead of the andre carter at wide receiver. Carter was ahead of sims junior as the punt returner. So they're a taylor heineke for those. That were interested did Come up yesterday and practice hobbling a little bit but rivera said he would be okay..

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