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Partisan hackery. I'll tell you. Doesn't that tete-a-tete with John. Stewart results in basically the end of crossfire. Yes, and this is the next phase of Tucker Carlson which sort of mid arts. To Twenty Nine, two, thousand ten, where he was sort of just casting about, he was on CNN then he was on MSNBC and he really wasn't nailing it. You Know He. He's sort of lost his Mojo and he finally gets hired at Fox News I. Believe is two thousand, nine or two thousand ten, but he gets hired Fox. News to not such a great gig. His this commentator. He eventually does weekends, Fox and friends weekends. He's the sort of. Come on the weekend. Fox and friends guy, he's not even a second banana. At Fox News, he's like a fifth banana. Yeah, he's like a fifth Banana Fox News and there's even a great clip of Tucker. Carlson falling asleep on the set of Fox and friends weekend. I got to look it up. I got to look at you. Go. It's amazing. He's really asleep. Watching it. He's literally. Slumped Sleep on the chair and his Co host laughing at him. My Gosh wakes up. Welcome to Fox France. I know we're not on television. You know needs to be embarrassed. Honestly live in the fifteen years on this program I don't think that's ever. Know why on Air Flow? That is rough, right? He has just bouncing around. He's not really going anywhere, but all the while he is doubling up. He's also elderly in the daily caller, which by the way is a training ground for white nationalists? or at least a holding pen for them, and just sort of bumping along and then Tucker Carlson breaks into the Fox. News Primetime..

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