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Connect to us any time at retirement. Key radio dot com by both five W M A L traffic and weather every 10 minutes. First on the fives years, Lisa Beeton in the Head, deep carpet cleaning Traffic center. We still have roads closed in the District of Columbia around the White House, the National Mall and at the United States Capitol until the curfew is lifted at six o'clock this morning. I don't have any accidents to discuss is far as around the bell. Play in any overnight construction on the Beltway that was removed as far as the commute on 95 south into Richmond, north End of Baltimore. That's been running smoothly now from garage door repaired Calm. The W M A L storm art seven forecasts. It's gonna be a little breezy, Gusty at times later today will get up to 45 degrees. Wind chills mid to upper thirties Mostly sunny, breezy for today. Tomorrow overcast with maybe a Sprinkle or Fleury late will be around 40 degrees clouds clear on Saturday. The high 44 You're better day out of the weekend. Sunday. I'm ABC seven meteorologist Veronica Johnson. And this time what? Seven Weather Center Right now. It is 33 Stafford 34 in Rockville, 35 at Reagan National. I'm John Matthews on 105.9 FM. Washington's mall. W M A L. NOW Washington mornings on the mall. Good morning. It is Thursday morning. It is five or seven here on mornings on the mall. Joining us with very packed shows you can imagine. 6 35 Tim Carney with the Washington Examiner will tell us what he saw Capital yesterday at 75. Brian Darling is with us..

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