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The mayor of London, because he's Muslim, the speaker of the house Nancy, who's there with him. Normandy. A stunning display of childish this at the whole worldwide House Democrats pass a resolution allowing committee and leaders to bypass a floor vote, and file suit and civil court, Maryland. Congressman Elijah Cummings says the Trump administration has refused to work with congress on a number of issues in Puerto Rico. The White House has produce nothing. Security clearance abuses. The White House has produced nothing efforts to transfer nuclear technology to Arabia, the White House has reduced nothing House, Republican leader, Kevin McCarthy calls the vote, a desperate attempt to relitigate the Muller investigation, and an impeachment effort in everything. But name, this is a P radio news comedian Jon Stewart takes congress to task. It was not joking before the House Judiciary committee angry and you should be to Stewart wants to see money never run out for a victim's compensation fund set up after the nine eleven attacks first responders in their families were there in front of me. A nearly empty congress. Stuart says it's shameful embarrassment to the country and it is a stain on this institution. Louisiana republican. Mike Johnson told Stewart not to worry if it is in comfort to you. All we know this Bill is going to pass with a overwhelming landslide majority of the house. John Stewart was unconvinced asking why this process is hard and take so long, Ed Donahue Washington, an off-duty Los Angeles sheriff's deputy in civilian clothes was in line at a fast food restaurant when a man walked up to him and shot him in the head last night. Deputy Joseph Solano is in grave condition and on life support. I'm Tim Maguire AP radio news. Now. Napa auto care centers. Seventy five dollars prepaid card when you spend.

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