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Hill to stave off a default. Keep it here on WTO from the minutes ahead. It's 6 48. Traffic and weather on the 8s back to Dave in the traffic center. In Montgomery county, Macarthur boulevard opened at the union arch bridge, Claire Martin, Parkway, and cabin John Parkway reopened to westbound traffic on the beltway, still no access to the eastbound lanes of the cabin John Parkway, but the police activity is winding down at the aqueduct bridge. Interloop traffic still slow across the American legion bridge toward river road, brake lights between Connecticut and New Hampshire avenue. Two 70 northbound better, but still heavy through Gaithersburg, in Virginia slow on the outer through Alexandria, but improving. George Washington Parkway, southbound still slow Langley past one 23. Never got to the bottom of that incident in falls church on I 66 eastbound between the dulles connector and Wes Moreland street slow because of a crash across from exit 68 blocking the left side. It's like out there, slick with the fog and mist and rain picking up a little bit. We've had recent crashes reported on fairfax county Parkway at Fox mill road, another on van dorn street, southbound, before franconia road, so extra stopping room. If you're driving out and about, southbound three 95, brief delay, past The Pentagon, 95 south, still a slow roll into wood bridge across the aka kwon river. Traffic brought to you by navy federal credit union proud to serve members of the armed forces DoD veterans and their families. Members of the mission learn more at navy federal dot org. Dave dildy and WTO pay traffic. Back to storm team four Mike Jennifer line up the evening for us. Mike, are you there? We've got some butter rain across interstate. I am here. Can you hear me? We can hear you now. Yeah.

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