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This is national native news. I neon tonio gonzales. More than a century ago nearly two hundred ojibway graves were removed from the burial grounds of a lake superior tribe to make way for. Us steals plan to develop or docks that were never built now. A new effort seeks to return those lands and reburial site to the fondling band of lake. Superior chippewa danielle catering. Reports wisconsin. Point is a remote strip of land on the shore of lake superior. It marks the ancestral home of the fondling tribe whose relatives settled there as early as four hundred years ago. Seven generations were laid to rest at the wisconsin point cemetery including the communities leader chief joseph osan gave the company uprooted the dead and those still living like calling aired parents. Aired who is ninety. Seven is a direct descendant of chievo soggy. It's hallowed ground to me. We just love dead aired says. Her father would be thrilled to see. The land turned over to the tribe. They're one step closer to that goal. After the superior city council passed a resolution supporting the transfer fonda lack chairman kevin dooby says returning. The lands would provide some closure to tribal families. Remember what happened in the past. It's our laos and we have to take care of it. Continue move forward. City and tribal officials will work with wisconsin. Us senator tammy baldwin office to petition the us department of interior to place the lands in federal trust for fonda lack for national native news. i'm daniel catering. Why no nulla duke was released from custody thursday. She was arrested monday with a group of women who sat in lawn chairs at the shell river near park rapids minnesota in opposition of line three pipeline. Construction luke is leader of the environmental group. Honor the earth videos and photos posted on social media by honor the earth. Show the standoff between the women and officers. The duke spoke after her. Release thursday in the livestream video outside a county. Sheriff's office spent three three nights for being protector and standing on the easement with six. Other women are sitting on the easement. you know i want to say we're gonna keep fighting bridge because wrong that they steal the water's not patriotic governor walls to give the water the land in our civil rights to a canadian multinational. And i'm really grateful. Biagio county on the inside for a little while but who knows. Hundreds of people have been arrested in the movement against the replacement project of line. Three which will transport. Oil from canada to wisconsin demonstrations ramped up last year as the company and bridge started construction of the pipeline supporters point to jobs and an economic boost. Those in opposition are concerned about impacts to water and the environment and are calling on the biden administration to stop the pipeline. The national congress of american indians is commending the announcement by the cleveland major league baseball team on its new name and mascot. The team will be named the guardians. The announcement was made friday by the team in a video message on twitter and comes after last year's decision to retire the indians name and mascot. Ncaa president von sharp says it's another important step in healing for native people from the harm of mascots and see. I is continuing to call on other professional sports teams and schools to drop their indian mascots now the whole nation lawmakers met with the cherokee nation delegation. This week and window rock arizona as the navajo council began at summer session. They discussed a proposed treaty between the two nations to support one another twenty five years ago treaty. Discussions began navajo council members. Say the proposed agreement between the two largest tribes in the country would help with cove in nineteen recovery and future issues gifts were exchanged to show appreciation for each tribe. I'm antonio gonzalez..

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