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Will have in the store so he sometimes junior I'm on top of him and the host here the most important thing is that biological diverse city has increased because of the lack of human presence in a year's time because the head of the reserves ecology informant apartment a red hammer and green eyes vivid about how white lab coat is it a daughter was a shared Savy the couple eventually species that used to live here have returned we encounter on the most that haven't been seen for a long long time and that's fascinating to study what for example best up for example daytime birds of prey we have ten pass of lesser spotted eagle CS a species that is universally threatened all across Europe and we have ten nests that unlocked at the orchard note the below the ninety two would you most the chance that the she says more words than the edges musicians as fast we've been supporting them since about two thousand seven I can show you that scratches on wooden house or signs that one was rolling and I will be high round the I hopped from Honolulu it was fun I've never lived for two to three to four last year and the year before we installed trail cameras and film that by you can see the pictures enough untuk colleagues have recorded increasing populations of most of the wild animals and birds that Gillian remembers from almost a century ago but these loans visible creatures adjust the aisle to scan of the ecosystem momentum with on the periphery of control let's go to my lap and I'll show you how interesting I work is so this is your first name and your microscopes well so this is a test you full of liquid and inside the liquid is what looks like a cannon is ascribed as a long piece of dental floss at the price you think is formal you will not it's a parasite from the heart a four wheel drive I live all come with that was seventeen of these the hot long ones we just open the wall from and then they what it's a thread ones you can see the ground one at we gave Mr way everyone was interested to have one so this seventeen of them in the wolf's hearts and he was still alive I'm sure with his rear I mean pull the gas still moving right calf type in the world well the wolf was still fresh and warm not phrase and so we were fascinated each parasite each pine needle each Pfeffer is a tiny part of the picture there's so much to puzzle over here has taken the wolves hot parasite down to just put in a little Petrie dish soap tweezers two cents she's going to have to book is about as long as a piece of spaghetti you're living in a whole different world to you what's your name in the reserve or among parasites in the reserve funds in your own intellectual curiosity machines yes it's really interesting I can't imagine working anywhere else the toxic legacy of nineteen eighty six is everywhere in the very Dustin in the ad broadly the main toxins of cesium one three seven and strontium ninety plutonium two three nine and its derivative I'm a writ CM Slavism brought skews the head of spectrometry and radio chemistry so the more.

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