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I remember Wednesday you needed an introduction. You needed it done correctly so Tada here you are yet when well that was a Hank Williams song. And if you remember, you don't know this, but that was going to be my walkout song when I fought sheriff up in Washington, but they they they played his music, and it was a cool song. All right. So listen, I can no idea what you're talking about. But go on when I fought the sheriff up in. We took Randi Sally him. Yes. I remember the fight with the sheriff. I don't get the music thing. You lost? Was that song? I've been down was going to be my walkout song. Except when I walked they played his mute. Oh, it's not that. I don't get the story. It's just that. This isn't an interesting story. Okay. I guess I do. Get it. I can hear you. Yeah. I'm right here. I thought there would be a payoff within the story now. I see what's happening. All right. Well, listen can Cain. Come back after three years and beat the monster Christmas. Everybody's everybody including me want to look at this. Like, yeah, he's going to take him down. And he's going to pound his head. And yet there's a big problem with that line of thought. Okay. First off can't cane beating got of course, he can Cain Velasquez is the most intimidating heavyweight the sports ever seen. Dana white goes as far as to call. The Terminator Cain was signed to the UFC just to give you a quick history lesson because he was seven and oh, and no one would fight him. He was on the regional seen the UFC was not ready for him. And he was not ready to for the USC. According to logical thought at that time havi or Mendez had say to Dana white. I cannot get him a fight. He is seven it. Oh, and he will die seven and. Oh, unless you sign him in make guys fight him. So dana. It's like, yeah. I mean, I yeah. I can't really tell a guy go. You need three more fights. If he can't get the fights. I guess I'll just signed..

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