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Colleagues laying out the stakes in the solemnity of the occasion and also asking every single member of the democratic caucus to join her on the floor when the floor opens up at nine AM keep an eye out on that as well everybody knows the stakes for the vote that they're about to take everybody knows the history behind what they're about to do now all is left to do is to vote thanks to Phil Mattingly on Capitol Hill and we will be going back to the capital live later this morning for a close up look at what is coming up today nine and a half minutes past the hour now in first light and you might think that Congress is totally consumed by impeachment well some members are but other work continues in fact John Laurence reports yesterday was relatively productive despite the ongoing impeachment saga Republicans and Democrats have had other matters on their agendas democratic rep Katherine Clarke their commitment to the American people was to keep government open and to make every bit of progress that we cut on Tuesday the house approved a one point four trillion dollars spending package that funds the government through fiscal year twenty twenty the legislation includes a military pay raise money for the border wall funding for election security and gun research at the centers for disease control and prevention Republican rep can Calvert brawl these reasons we must get this bill done as we all know operating under continue resolutions actually costs more money and results in the late capabilities if the Senate also gives it the Nadi heads the president trump he has until Friday to sign in which avoids government shut down also heading to the president's desk a seven hundred thirty eight billion dollar defense authorization bill that creates the president's space force thanks to correspondent John Lawrence it's coming up on eleven minutes after the hour now and coming up headlines sports in the devore cast coming right up in two minutes coming up in sports Lakers run ins pelicans still rolling.

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