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And weather together John Morrissey, how we doing outside we really slow drive April. Southbound I twenty five a pair of accidents at the HOV lane, which is really bizarre. You almost never have one and and never never ever have to. But there's two southbound I twenty five both of them after I seventy heading into downtown what at thirty eighth park one just about one hundred yards beyond that just before you dump into I twenty five also a crash on I twenty five southbound at I seventy that's still on the left shoulder that was still causing delays back to I seventy six that song is awful. It is painful air should be a law. Eastbound I seventy heavy and slow from Harlan all the way past down down. You're staring into that bright sun and trying to deal with a lot of traffic eastbound sixth avenue, slow from garrison right after Kipling all the way down down a lot of traffic in that song to eighty-five is real heavy slow that. Seaport seventy drive eastbound across highlands ranch. Starting at Kipling, very tough past Wadsworth Santa Fe, lose it. Your westbound C four seventy drive heavy as you approach to eighty five tech center drive, heavy on I twenty five and five drive southbound coming out of the Aurora area. Pretty typical drive for the tech center. Here this morning, and that Aurora drive haven't heard of a lot of problems in there or drive. You're slow in usual spots on two to five. This traffic report is sponsored by belco. For a limited time Bellcore's is offering two point seven five percents APR on a seventeen months CD with ballots of ten thousand dollars or more. Visit belco dot org slash CD. To learn more bilko membership is required. Conditions and restrictions apply. Federally insured by NCUA, belco banking for everyone next update. Eight o'clock KOA NewsRadio. Colorado's news, traffic and weather station. Like a wonderful Wednesday today. Lots and lots of sunshine around town. We should have a high in the middle forties today. Tomorrow in the upper forties. Still fifty fifties by Friday..

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